This isn`t real either lol https://t

September 21, 2021, 1:18 am
This isn`t real either lol https://t
This isnt real either lol

Are people this scared at PlayStation having a good game?? This is wild to me

Since when did we get to a point of faking review scores, let alone the idea of leaking out review scores. This is so stupid is downright goofy. LoL

it`s this easy to make fake reviews lol people are dumb Well. Not ordering it until reviews come out

Omg not 4 I was waiting for this game so much

lol at the idea of an IGN review "leaking". It`s literally one person writing something that doesn`t appear until it`s published!

Doom 2016 didn`t send press copies I remember how everyone was like "yeah this is probably gonna be rough" And that game SLAPPED so damn hard Here`s to hoping Kena is like Doom... Perhaps less ripping and tearing... but you get it

Will IGN be reviewing this game once it is released?

I always wonder how much embargoes effect consumers. Im definitely a bit more weary for an at release embargo

I just need to know if its good lol

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