This may be unpopular opinion, some will call me

October 5, 2022, 11:45 am
This may be unpopular opinion, some will call me
This may be unpopular opinion, some will call me Samsung fanboy. But GalaxyZFold4 >>> iPhone14ProMax The 14PM is boring, iterative not innovative, with its biggest selling point but a gimmick (dynamic island). No reason to upgrade from 13PM at all. F4 is on another level.

Samsung be like Yes, but as far as I know, no one talks about Apple here either... 14 pro Max is a dime a dozen phone, so it doesn`t NEED big improvements.

Wow, changes to both the iPhone 12 and 13 OS is software feature, it`s now in Fold3 too i guess, cameras is cool, but no an extremely significant upgrade chipset is good, but it was fine even with Fold3. Thinner bezels I would expect as a matter of course,same as lower weight

I agree. -iPhone user

sorry man but the back of the samsung looks like a retro traffic light

I have fold 4 best phone ever

Pagani Zonda doesnt produce any SUV, comparing it to the ford F-150 would be dishonest - easy to understand. Sounds more like you want to generate engagement for social media, and thats your only means apparently ,hopefully youll get 1k+ more sub out of it Cannot compare with Nothing phone one

Because the screen folds? The rest of the Fold 4 is very average, not to mention incredibly delicate.

Fold 4 is also boring IF YOU has Fold 3. But it`s a significant improvement if you improving from regular boring iPhone

Okay, but what exactly is innovative about the Fold 4 over the Fold 3?

Hey Golden Reviewer, are you gonna test and benchmark the Xiaomi 12T Pro?

That 50MP main + Android 12L + TSMC`s 8+ gen 1 were the humongous updates

Yesh but you also have no reason to upgrade from fold 3 to fold 4

Fold four versus Fold three has no significant differences either.

Fold 4 is the best phone on the market, literally nothing can compete. It`s also my first android. I`ve made the switch from an iphone user because I was tired of the same shit..and not to mention I saw the leaks before my switch.. and the pill dynamic island is disgusting..

I mean it`s $1800, if it`s not the best smartphone period, then wh-

Not sure if it makes sense to compare a classic phone and a foldable. There are other foldable in the market. You are lacking some intellectual honesty

The difference is the iPad mini doesn`t cost $2500 & has a way bigger screen, you enjoy that overpriced Fold & when you`re outside using a normal 6.7-inch screen is big enough & you really don`t use a tablet when you`re outside & when you`re home iPad is a better device to use.

Honestly it`s just preference lol, some people like s22U, some like Fold, some like Iphone 14PM, some like Vivo x80, in the end it`s just a glass brick

Do you do these for attention? iphone 14 pro max lead time to buy is 1 month. Samsung fold 4 had to give away headphones, subscriptions, case sets and insurance just to move a unit cus you could still buy them day 1 hmm who really wins here

Fold4 and Flip 3 are EXACTLY the same as the previous ones, lol. It`s ok (albeit weird) if you`re a fanboy, but it`s laughable when you become a blind and salty fanboy. Grow up, geez.

The Fold is overpriced & costs over $2500 here in Canada also the fold has a way smaller screen than an iPad mini that costs $650, I personally would buy an iPad over the Fold, the fold would be a-ok buy if it costed $1500, not $2500. I see nothing special in the Fold.

Absolutely agree.

What QOL changes? Fold 4 or flip 4 and any foldable phone will never be good phones until they get a more durable screen that won`t be scratched by a fingernail. And also, did Samsung fixed the problem with peeling off the film after half a year? P.S. I`m flip 4 owner.

But ui experience, performance is issue in samsung devices ..

When it cant even fold properly? I do not classify the Fold as a smartphone, it is a hybrid and therefore should not be compared with candy bar phones. The s22U is the iPhone rival. The Mix2, VIVO Fold, and Xs2 are the competition for the Fold. Pointless comparing two segments as they are for different people.

"Ice unfollows you" "Ice has reported this tweet to be harmful and deceitful" "Your account has been suspended due to hateful speech towards Ice" Choose one.

Technically fold 3 to fold 4 is also mostly an iterative upgrade only

Because software has no cost

I am at the same page with you. Sold iPhone 13 pro max (before that i had a fold 3) and return the 14 pro max after compared with 13 pro max. Now I am using fold 4. Far better camera than fold 3 and better hdr-detail than ip13p. Very fine refinements than fold 3 in any way.

Dont upgrade to 14Pro from 13Pro unless you able to trade in for good price. dont care 48MP proRaw, not good.

If I had the iphone 11, I wouldn`t even bother upgrading till maybe when the iphone 16 series comes out.. *My thoughts*

same Call me a hater but flip4 >>>>>> fold4

I am Samsung fan boy but Iphone 13 Pro Max is the beautiful IPhone in Apple History, IPhone 14 Pro max is okay but not that much interesting to view

Wow how the turn tables

Fold4 and Fold3 is practically the same phones

What about the durability of the foldable?

Or one could argue it`s the 13M that had too many upgrades which puts 14PM in an awkward position. Yes I do think the 13PM is one of the better upgrades in iPhone history and I really liked it.

Tell this to

I don`t even know... Good experience of fold 4

But it`s Apple. Security and optimization is all the average consumer needs. We don`t care about innovation or value. We crave status and love our mighty yet unusable A series chips

The F4 is the best smartphone Ive had for years. On the other hand, the 14PM is the most boring iPhone upgrade Ive had for years. Honestly looking at 13PM and 14PM side by side I dont even have any idea what to test and compare, they are the SAME

The last iPhone that had any innovation was iPhone X. After that all the iPhones are just minor upgrades and refreshments over that.

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