This tweet chain is my entire viewpoint on games

January 21, 2021, 1:12 pm
This tweet chain is my entire viewpoint on games
This tweet chain is my entire viewpoint on games. Its why I choose to play what I do. If you dont value good story telling in your game, youve lost me.

story is good but sometimes you just wanna HULK SMASH. Also, too much story is bad. Just write a freaking book, don`t make me read all that stuff!

Absolutely. Xeno-anything. I have such a fascination and respect for the couple that have been trying to tell this massive story of theirs for decades, and everything *means* something if you dig for it.

Text just gets in the way of turning pages.

I completely agree, games are interactive stories where I get to play as the story character, it`s way more immersive, but the story is everything.

This is also why I prefer Playstation to Xbox, even when my family`s going `Xbox is more powerful` or `Xbox has more features` or `Xbox game pass is better than PS plus` or yada yada yada. Playstation has more story-driven gaming, which I far prefer.

A story doesn`t serve all games but I do understand what you mean. I would probably play something like Terraria less if it had a story I had to go through each time I wanted to play.

Story driven games are just the best. Games that tell the best stories, that make me feel a connection to the plot, are the ones I remember. When I share your main characters need to do something I`m going to remember that feeling for ages.

When my mom used to get mad at me playing video games as a kid I used to explain to her that the games I really enjoy are more like interactive books. I always love the games with a compelling story.

True. A game without a narrative design is just a toy.

My wife is this brought to the extreme - she sometimes gets genuinely frustrated by gameplay & challenge that stands in her way as she progresses through the story. "Why must I learn how to beat this boss?! I don`t care about the mechanics or the challenge! I want the story!"

Agreed. I`m glad there`s stuff out there for everyone but for me, personally, story is paramount. Give me lore, give me characters I can care about and let me be part of the narrative. That is how to capture and keep my interest.

I literally got P5R and the entire Yakuza series in the mail a few days ago, having never played either series. Im hyped af to get started :D

I`m glad people are recognising Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku and the strength of its storytelling. And make no mistake, Yakuza always creates strong game mechanics for the story to drive and give context to. Say Jesse, try picking up the series again!

I agree wholeheartedly. Video games are a deeply unique medium for storytelling and it`s a waste *not* to take advantage of that. Andromeda had excellent gameplay but I struggled to love the story. Meanwhile, Firewatch is a walking simulator but I`ll still sing it`s praises

That`s why I enjoy VN probably, it is like reading a book but with pictures and entertainment in the background

Its so stupid and short-sighted of people that want to define what games are by the scant couple of decades video games have existed; like movies, video games are an intersection of multiple art forms that is greater than the sum of its parts, and we havent seen anything yet.

It`s also the reason why I love to watch your play-throughs. I know you won`t skip over the dialogue or other lore tid bits.

Hot take I guess, but I think it`s awesome that we kinda have both schools of design going right now in games. I think it`s a strength of the medium that games focused on story telling can be lauded just as much as ones focused on satisfying mechanics.

Amen, good story and characters will always pull me in more than anything else.

My cousin plays entirely games without giving a damn about story, skips every cutscene, all dialogue - even in multiplayer games where we play together and I watch the dialogue and cutscenes, he`d rather jump around in circles around me than experience the story. I cannot fathom

Video games are such a great medium for story telling, the ability to interact and immerse can make stories way more impactful You can do so much emotional story telling by telling the story through gameplay mechanics, its incredible when doen right!

I agree to an extent. Fighting games have dumb stories but I love playing them cause of the gameplay

I agree. As much as I love Fallout 4, it makes no sense that, even though I am looking for my baby, I take the time to help all these random settlements.

A goos story is just not a script being translated into dialogue and cutscenes, though those are good too. Good writing on a character level can sell a game to me. Just look at Hades, where everyone is fun to talk to.

Story is super important to me as well. I do love pure gameplay focused games that are well polished but a good story has a greater impact overall. I do however think that bad gameplay will detract more from a game than a game with good gameplay and a bad story does.

I of course value good story telling but sometimes you just want mechanic/gameplay when you`re head empty no thoughts and just want to shoot gun/slash sword, etc.

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