Thursdaythrowback two weeks ago we showed off warzonemobile

October 1, 2022, 1:11 am
Thursdaythrowback two weeks ago we showed off warzonemobile
ThursdayThrowback, two weeks ago we showed off WarzoneMobile for the first time! Thank you all for the support, hype, and interest from all over the world. We can`t wait to show you more!

1. Is Rebirth island available to play in WZM ?? 2. Remove enemy name in top on head in BR mode because it`s easy to spot enemy through wall and anywhere by name ,pls remove this ok ?

Wtf is going on ij this picture omg i mean pc mobile and console cross play all on same lobby ? this means tons of real players on same lobby no waiting for matchmaking this is incredible thing ever can happen if its true

I just hope a gun doesn`t cost 100

I hope the Beta this for Central America like Costa Rica that almost never takes it into account..

will the game have ranked mode?

25M pre-registration is already coming

how many likes for you to give me a beta code?

Man, the graphics are not lit

Next month we going to achieve Mystery Reward. How about...a release date?

It`s been two months When will you download the beta version?

Looks delicious

I cant wait till 2023 imma be grinding out yall game on iOS soon non stop been playing warzone on console since first warzone

Tomorrow anniversary day Some reveals tomorrow ???

I beg you for the French voices of the characters in the game

cant wait to be exact ClosedBeta player.

15 million in 2 weeks, man we are REALLY gonna get that secret prize :)

High today?

Oh boy can`t wait to Melee people to death

Can y`all tell me why warzonr has no more private lobbies?

Bro how hard is it to add it to iOS?

how many graphics and frame rate settings will Warzone Mobile have?

Will the beta be available to play in india

Can i have invite for the closed alpha?

Is the quality really bad?

|| I want to play Warzone Mobile! || () / / | | |_ |_

Good luck Apex mobile

You showed the net you know iOS stupid

iPhone users, we exist too you know. :)

this game will BOOT to break BOOT

I.m from in niger

Will the WZM beta be available in Spain?

please do add 16:9 aspect ratio

Yes! We`re 15M pre-registers

Is beta version release in Asia region

Please have servers by continent. This is a must

Yup... I`m hyped for this and I can`t wait Can`t wait to do the first primary objective!

Will there be languages such as Arabic, French and Hindi in the game?

Devs don`t forget African server. Loving Codm because because of that.

The furthest distance in the world is when I stand outside the door and you can`t see. Why didn`t you ever reply to me? "The world is a Vampire"

We waiting for open beta ASAP please listen my voice.

Please add tpp..

Please is there a beta version coming soon?

Please is there a beta version coming soon?

A question, please, is there a beta release soon or not?

Does there will be Indian servers ?

please release the test server

Either and is same person or both are sharing same cabin Btw please let us user give some idea about what specifications shud be enough to run this game so whoever is/will be planning for new Android UPPER MID range mobile can take better decision

Amazing engine on mobile

But will the beta have an end or could we use it until global release?

the beta will be available in Venezuela??? tell me what if

Same question again if I buy MWII/WZ2 BP will my purchase reflect on WZM???

I am losing my patience I want the game so hard

Can people get early access to the game ?

2 weeks already sheeeeesh. RELEASE THE BETA I CANT WAIT

If you still don`t believe me, this is the whole content of the July 26th email! 2023 is 365 days

they will add dubbing to other languages ?

The whole world want wzm beta in October! please

I`m waiting 2023 it`s not good...

I got a phone just to play you

Beta this year? Please

Hi can i be part of the beta test ?

When will the game be globally launched

25M Ezy coming next Week, this is my mailbox. Please check it carefully. Please, please.

Hey Is it possible we might get warzone mobile in early 2023 or mid 2023?

Let`s get that beta! I haven`t been to Verdansk in a year and I`m definitely itching to go back

Any chance of the game being possible on the Snap line. 600?

I checked, and there is no follow-up document you sent. I remember when I was looking videos on youtube, been wanting to play this on my mobile since it came out, and now this is gonna be possible, thank god

What is involved with in Warzone Mobile? I really wanna know

As an authoritative official, you can`t use bugs as an excuse,... Were is iOS pre registered


when can ios get pre register

We are all waiting

Man we need the beta

When cod warzone beta available? After 2023 or before 2023???

fingers in that video ?

Can you give me a qualification? I really want to experience it.

I heard this is already the best mobile game and its not even out yet? P.S. Im ready to get my forehead tattoo just waiting on request


me right now... Ios pre register when?

Can you show us the skin when we hit 25 mil pre register

Will the beta also be available for iOS?

Will there be Turkish language support? We are waiting for the beta.

The game the mobile community desperately needs!!!

Definitely more likely than 25M

Pls open the beta we need play this game

When will it release next year , give rough time patch

When is it coming to iOS?

Can you give me an account to enter the private alpha? I already have the application

If I buy a skin in MWII or warzone,will I be able to use it in WZ mobile?

I hope that its first beta is released for Mexico. They have a lot of people here eager to try their game. Atte: traductor de Google xd

I still can`t wait for the games official release

Will Warzone Mobile come to Belgium?

When can I pre-register in Belgium?

The thing is that I am dying to play this but I will have to wait and it`s so annoying to wait

25M pre-registrations incoming

Is rebirth island gonna be in the game?

Its only going to get better gamers

just waiting for the beta

The only thing that would make me happy is that when they release the open/closed beta this one will be for Colombia


Alpha gameplay already looking toooo good now imagine when it`s fully out

Waiting for beta in Brazil

I look forward to playing this wonder

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