today we`re rolling out our first public testing of

September 9, 2021, 3:12 am
today we`re rolling out our first public testing of
today we`re rolling out our first public testing of Communities, which gives people a place to have more focused conversations with people who share the same interests. Communities introduces a two very key mechanics that I think are worth touching on:

This sounds very confusing

Can those be muted the same way fleets were?

Q: where and who are these community moderators going to be drawn from? will they be twitter employees?

I *just* handed in my MA thesis where I argued for Twitter to adopt this kind of model (I mean Im not the first person to do that, but yeah)

Will Android app ever get the same love as iOS?

here you are ser have an upvote

Already applied, crossing my fingers :). Really stoked to test this out since I love Reddit so much

Will the Tweets be searchable if they are not on the Profile?

I`d love to join if only you guys didn`t always do IOS only tests, I`m an alpha testing user but that`s basically useless at this point lol

Can we opt-out? And keep seeing tweet chronologically and nothing else?

Such an impressive pace of new features and experimentation excited for current and future Twitter.

LOVE this idea and would love to help test.

This is really awesome!! Super excited to get access

Awesome! Cant wait to try it out.

This is inept. People will expect single-issue tweets from such people. You`re limiting the bandwidth of users. It should have been done years ago via metadata: What about my twitter alt-universe idea? It`s a pretty simple algorithm gimmick...with one click I can be on a completely different feed for a day, get to experience the platform from a totally different person`s percepctive

Very excited about this one!

Eh rules, lets just all party together new voices welcome

Ooh. May I join? Please?

Seems like something I wished for in 2017 when I wrote fantastic and so needed. livestreaming audio thats just for certain audiences will be fantastic within an advancement for the growth of socialaudio all-around.

just like subwikis

Sounds awesome! Love this idea - well done TeamTwitter

So, how can I start a news/media community? That would THRIVE.

That would be amazing!

Let me get a Dallas Cowboys community going

I have been unable to access them via desktop or Android so far. Is it rolling out to everyone over the day or somesuch?

We`re just getting started here and will be scaling up Communities as we learn more and improve the product (lots of new features and improvements on the way). In the future, anybody can start a Community but today creation is still limited while we`re testing.

2) Communities have moderators, and these mods determine what the rules and social norms are within that Community. They`ll be able to enforce these rules/norms on their own (hiding tweets, kicking people out, etc).

1) Tweets you post in Communities are "narrow-casted" to only the people in that Community. They`re still public Tweets, but they aren`t amplified to all of your followers and they don`t show up on your Profile. We think this can help lower the pressure of talking on Twitter.

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