Tomorrow I start the next chapter in my #AndroidDev

August 9, 2021, 11:17 am
Tomorrow I start the next chapter in my #AndroidDev
Tomorrow I start the next chapter in my AndroidDev career. I`ll be joining super excited to get started!! I think I can say I`m a tweep now? jointheflock lovewhereyouwork



Congrats, I`m still enjoying my solo career. :D

If you want to make an impact on your job, an "Edit tweet" button would be a good start



Congrats on your new job. The Twitter Android app is in need of great engineers like you!

Wow, well done

Congrats man

congrats! :)


Customary swag pic! LoveWhereYouWork OneTeam Welcome! I`m looking forward to what your team will unlock for all of us

This is incredible, congratulations. Exciting times ahead. Best of luck.

Welcome to the team!

Congrats mate, huge!

As an ex-tweep, congrats and enjoy!


I kind of feel like we are step-colleagues now



Congrats, dude!

Obligatory tweet, can you implement an edit button please! Also, congrats!!

Congrats! And all the best in this new adventure!

Congratulations dude! Awesome!

updated bio incoming! enthusiasm for the crypto ecosystem right now as well, hoping to see some & get involved in Android/Crypto/Blockchain cross-over you never know!

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