Turn certain aggressors into mountable allies in Horizon Forbidden

November 9, 2021, 9:42 am
Turn certain aggressors into mountable allies in Horizon Forbidden
Turn certain aggressors into mountable allies in Horizon Forbidden West. Guerrilla expands on Aloys new abilities:

More mounts? Let`s go!!!

Will there be a level cap?

Cant wait to play it in September 2022 on pc.

Could we get a better main character?

I hope we see HFW soon on PC after the initial release on consoles. Plus allow us to use our PSN account so we can be able to unlock trophies via PC. PS5 HorizonForbiddenWest

I`ll miss this game after moving from ps to xbox this gen. Looks great, hope you all enjoy.

Please stop teasing this game, I still cant find PS5

It was an evil coorporation that did it... So original. Horizon is dogshit.

When I thought aloy riding cock this isnt what I meant

Hopefully we can mount the birds this time

anyone else ps4, keep having weird connection problems while playing literally any game rn????! Are we going to fly?

PS - 4 main games - GOW, Ratchet, Horizon, and Spider-Man -all over the shoulder action adventure. At least Xbox changes it up. Some of their best games aren`t even in the same genre. Y`all need to improve the offering diversity of your top tier games. You aren`t touching Forza

Steph Curry better

Certain aggressors as in probably just these raptor types right? Tbh I`d rather have a new Killzone

When exactly are going to confirm that there are flying mounts this time around... I need this information in my life as soon as possible.

Looks out of this world

Yes, that is amazing BUT, can you pet it?

Eneyone else not able to buy ps plus

Sure, you can mount it. But can you mount it?

Look, these ground robots are cool to mount, but you know what many of us want: a robot we can fly around on! That said, I guess that will never be, considering the game will also release on the PS4.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH PLS LEMME RIDE THEM DINOS (yes I know ark exist, but im in for robo Dinos ) Ps. Anyone wanna fund me a PS5?

But can you ride the birds?

Xbox is better They hacked you guys

Looks absolutely incredible!!! If alloy still cannot fly on robot I`m not buying this

February Can`t come fast enough! See you December 9 Aloy Greatness approaching Xbox is way better sadly

All I wanna know is can I mount any flying robots in this one!?

I didnt complete the first one gonna try on xmas break

Xbox better exclusives

Wish I could turn aggressors into allies on Twitter tbh Flying mounts or we riot. Also there better be a mechashark underwater.

Good thing I have a PS4

You still need to fix the mess you left behind in Everybody`s Golf including avatar parts, control, backspin, online course settings and more. Nobody`s happy with you, dood.

Dead Game + Halo Infinite looks better

PC version will be free day 1

The Youngboy guys are here

Loved the first one, got great hopes for the new one :)

Cant wait to play!

Hopefully they add a Battle Royale mode cus I don`t see this game being played 3 weeks after launch /s

Xbox has better exclusives

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