Ubuntu to come to high-end devices in 2014

December 11, 2013, 7:08 pm
Ubuntu to come to high-end devices in 2014

As we have many times mentioned before, it is now clear that the future of computing and operating systems is a mobile one. So, what is more natural than our old friend Linux joining the club, then? 
Well, one could certainly argue that both Android and iOS are Unix-based, so in reality Linux varieties are already running on the vast majority of today`s mobile devices.But what about Linux, as in Ubuntu-Linux, for example?Well, Ubuntu is quickly coming to a high-end gadget near you, and very soon too!
As Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth said to CNET, the company has already signed its first Ubuntu-powered smartphone deal, but more importantly Ubuntu`s Linux-variant will start shipping with high-end gadgets in 2014.
Shuttleworth hasn`t given specific names about its new partners but rather said that the company is in talks with 
four "household brands" (Sammy springs to mind, for one...)
Will Ubuntu be a new mainstream, then? Given the Android and iOS popularity as well as Microsoft`s aggressive pushing of the Windows Phone, that could be proved a rather hard nut to crack.
In the world of today`s mobile computing though (a.k.a. the smartphone world) almost everything is possible, and the techno-gold-rush might lead to developments we can`t even imagine today...
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