Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Early Access!

May 26, 2021, 8:55 pm
Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Early Access!
Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Early Access! Find out more and go hands-on with Nanite, Lumen, and all of the exciting new tools and features:

THANK YOU Nice maybe I should port my low-res adventure games to the engine to enjoy all those polygons.

Hoping for Linux launcher please thank you

Hello. I`m currently working on a game solo. My targets will be on Windows, MacOS, Linux and possibly Android and IOS. I`m currently working on UE4 and it`s coming along really great, until I stumbled a little concern. I need to know if the new Unreal Engine 5 export to Linux.

I can`t wait to test UE5

We`re doing a 2D game.. :D But it looks impressive!!

use it pls

VERY EXCITED FOR THIS. This looks REALLY good, I might learn this after I learn Unity (and of course make some games in Unity).

Just in time for the 3 day weekend!

pes2022 will use ue4 or 5 engine

Unreal Engine 5 the magic of game making, thanks for this amazing tool!

Im watching your trailer now my series X is making weird noises and I think someone is excited to see there true potential one day

The Unreal Online Learning portal is back online: Look I`m downloading it right now So Nanite objects dont have to be static. That is insane so weapons and armor will be super high res too. Im not sure how this black magic works but keen to find out.

Gonna drop a zbrush model in and see if it blows up or not. If not it will blow my mind

Our team is exploring UE5 as we type!

Animation in editor is a welcome addition!

might take a peek, Nanite sounds insane > Polycount from 3021 > Facial animations from 2004

I wonder when UE5 will be implemented in Fortnite.

Built with UE5. Lumen and Nanite are amazing! Okay, now how cool would be fortnite with this kind of graphics. You guys should think about updating the game, it would bring back a lot of players. It would be the most beautiful battle royale game out there.

But does it run on Comodore 64?

150 GB asset flips comming Is Fortnite gonna look real now?

For your next demo can you add reactive debris physics? objects that react dynamically when the player walks into them. It gets old that everything in the game environment is static and glued to whatever surface it is on.

How long should the install take to verify?

OMG! It`s really happening! UnrealEngine5 UE5 New UI, finally!

I think I`ll just duplicate my current environment art project and start using UE5 for that immediately

You did it!!!

Can`t wait to see ps5 games using unreal engine 5

Who is gonna make a new UT on it ? How much work would it be to port UT4 ?

Great, I`m already downloading it, can`t wait Thanks!

Awesome !!! Downloaded and installed !!!! Okay, hear me out. We use UE5 to Create a sweet 15 second teaser Start a kickstarter with 12 tiers ($10-$500) Promise nothing and let the "influencers" fluff it for us Delay everything from minor updates to early alpha testing 1/2

My UE5 dosent like creating C++ classes either :( .

That Moab scene was incredibly realistic, hard to tell it was not really real... please have someone capture the National Parks with Unreal Engine 5 so folks can go on hyper realistic virtual tours, I would pay good money for that!

Is it possible to create a Alpha Game with UE5

Can we get the demo on console too?

Just build from source I wonder what will fortnite look like in unreal engine 5, with PS5 Graphics and RTX on

Probably a bajillion people trying to log in to get it!

We are aware of some login issues with the Unreal Online Learning portal. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Lumen does not work in VR (for now?), Nanite apparently does but unconfirmed.

everything is cool but any updates for 2d in the future? I know unreal is not usually used for it but you know it could be

me omw to switch engines a quarter into development because unreal is actually really flexible

can you share the ps5 demo project?

Fingers crossed we get another Unreal Tournament!

Seems like is down. Is it temporary issue or you move courses in another place?

Looks amazing. Unfortunately gamers will have to wait another 3 years or so to see anything like the demo.

I think it`s no coincidence that you guys hit 666K subscribers on YouTube. UE5 is a real beast! o/ How is Linux build? Any initiatives on reinforcement learning agents?

SO excited to jump in Loving all the amazing features, the new editor interface is looking clean!

Soo who is making the first Unreal engine 5 military simulation? Huge maps, everyone can create their own character ect. lets goo!

Very very - COOL guys)))

Oh gosh, that demo was insane. I was only expecting nanite and lumen to be shown, but I was so wrong. Indie games looking like AAA titles aren`t much far away now.

The link to sign up says that its invalid.

For Those who not download it . Restart the Epic games Launcher :)

"Available in early Access" ...where ?

Holy Moly, I cannot believe this is for real!

Ooo Ive been waiting so long for this. I cant wait to test it out!

When is the full ue5 supposed to come out?

aren`t y`all afraid all games gonna look the same once every devs have photoreal assets, perfect character`s physics, animations... face models... :-S

Please tell us about the documentation of ue5 and if it`s not ready yet please let us know

Awesome ! Thank you devs o/

A bit of wee just came out...


Thank you SO MUCH, for all thoses features ! Can`t wait to download the early access and have fun with it !! Lumen seems Incredible !!

Awesome stuff. Going to take a look at it. Now . I wish unreal focus less in open world now and third or first person . The engine need better runtime modification support. All from terrain to spline in runtime gameplay . It just a wish.

The hoodie is ready to do some serious testing, have you seen this, "I feel a Wile E Coyote!" moment tingling with a light hoovering above the head.... Well done all at EpicGames bravo, Epic Games. ue5 def going to start learning unreal


Downloading right now! Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Looks absolutely stunning! So excited to have a look.

Thank youuuuuuu!!!! cant wait to test Lumen

Brb - freeing up 100 GB for the sample demo Still no words about DX12 Ultimate..

woah sooner than expected

One giant leap for mankind... and gamedev ;D HYPED! The future is UNREAL Thanks Great Demo Video Of UE5!!!!From UE4 UE5 UnrealEngine !!!!

this is awesome <3

Oh yeahhhh

Make the game available to play, please

Will we be seeing some big changes to VR support in game development in this version?

Thanks for the fast and to the point stream.

Wooooooo!!! I cant wait to see the incredible things all of my gamedev friends do with this!!! Ill be waiting for you all! Im here when youre ready to show stuff off! Page Not Found! 404

amazing. i almost cried with happiness

aaaaaand the big 404

I`m really hyped to see Remake utilize UE5.

Most excellent news! Breathtaking new features, productive and creative minds racing like crazy already after watching this! you keep amazing us and getting us excited non stop since UE1

I found your secret This guy is entirely rendered inside Unreal Engine 5 Thank you Unreal Team!

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