January 29, 2021, 2:35 am
v1.0.2 of Wrestling Empire is now available on Switch as well as iOS - just in time to enjoy 30-man rumbles with fewer sound issues! You can always find the full version history at the end of the online manual:

Does it only contain the moves or is there a devlog.

I didn`t like that guy`s attitude! this trash was talking bad words to MDICKIE. just because he was injured for 15 days (IN GAME). AND THIS VIDEO DESERVES DESLIKE. AND ALSO OTHER VIDEO Training got fixed and PC got confirmed. YAY!!! Is it available on PC?

When the free roam is coming???

When the free roam is coming???

Thanks for all the hard work you`re putting into this.

Like someone else mentioned the "get your attitude up" is bugged at the moment if you reach a certain level of popularity no matter what you do your attitude stats will continuously get hindered, thus having you be get threatened or fired

You always seem to pick the best time to drop stuff on us.

Hi mat,what has been the most challenging part of making this game so far?

Love the game! Strange issue in career mode, I chose the bearded face type when starting then later on my booker did the whole how do you like this new hairstyle bit and I said no, but it changed my face type to chubby and I cant change it back. Any help?

I do have questioned once the mobile version comes out can we add in songs for our wrestlers?

Bruh, this is going to be release for android when the 3000 series of gpu restock

JUST WAIT THE GAME TO LAUNCH. They stop being impatient. YOU SHOULD THANK MDICKIE AND GOD THAT WESTLING EMPIRE THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID IOS AND ALSO Nintendo. Before I was impatient, now I realize the difficulty that Matt DICKIE has come up with in launching his games.

I`ve read the patch notes but they haven`t addressed the issue with your attitude dropping down at a rapid speed the moment you become too popular. Will that ever be scalled down/removed or is this how it was intended to be from the start?

Thank you for the facial scars update! I spent yesterday 40 minutes in a First blood match, and wasn`t able to end it at all, due to the wrestlers faces regenerating scars like they`re Wolverine.

Can you fix the issue where you as a CAW in a tag match gets counted out and your partner wins and says "___ Matches without a loss is impressive,___, but it ends with me!!" Thus starting a dumb feud between you and your tag partner?

how to tell if your having a 5 star match ?

Has anyone worked out a way to book yourself into matches during career mode? It was a thing on WR3D. And one of my favourite features.

The game is still not loading pass your logo screen on the switch. Its been 7 minutes and still no progress pass the logo screen

Please update weekend warriors

Add more games to steam

Are random moves coming back for mobile?

Hey mdickie love your games but please remove the Get your attitude up to ___percent , its actually a pain in the neck

Is there a pc version

Ooh nice! Ill be streaming it tonight!

aw but this was my favorite "feature" Amazing! Thanks!

Android version please please....

Yesss!! Thank you!!!!

Training gains use less energy is important news.

does it address this issue

When you will lunch on Android ?

Not kidding I just randomly checked for update and saw it download a new one on switch. Then went on Twitter to check for patch notes within 7 secs of this post.

And when to expect an exit to android?

This is the version that expands corner moves and introduces double-team moves. Everything I`ve mentioned about rear moves is coming in v1.0.3.

As happy as I am sadly I cant get to it lmfao somehow I had overdraft my apple account so now I cant do nun lmfao

When is it coming to andriod

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