Velocity Architecture

February 3, 2021, 9:47 pm
Velocity Architecture
Velocity Architecture

That`s the power of RDNA 3 and super duper fast SSD Aslo, on another note I present you the $70 game: So many men catching feelings over plastic boxes it`s Unreal. I swear video games used to be a pass time before twitter squabbling took over

not good sarcasm I suppose:)

not at all. not being used fro. what I have read.

I`m sorry. Xbox win in every category. "but but but stutter" SOrry DF explained why

Worst performance with stuttering. Someone say my name?

LMFAO yeah Im gonna spend $40 on the game for 0.9 seconds faster loading but have MASSIVE frame drops and I/O stutter come on man not like this, the PS5 is faster on paper and this is a game built on last-gen originally!

Super fast ssd of ps5 yeah ponis fast as sonic

Wow and I thought its faster on ps5

Could`ve cared more about 5 secs advantage when I`m not going to pay a penny since it`s free on ps plus meanwhile on xbox you have to pay... Wait you don`t actually buy games lol Yes sir. compensate in software what you don`t have in hardware ;) velocity is showing it`s strength and leveling the field for sure.

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