Very sad day today

August 12, 2021, 11:12 am
Very sad day today
Very sad day today .. I lost all photos from my phone gallery

I lost my last conversation with my Papa I think I just no longer care for other stuff now .. delete ho jaaye .. na hoye .. kuch farak nai padta.

Always take backup on google photos

I m still find of albums that`s why I make albums and print all the best memories in hard copy form

Contact someone who can retrieve such deleted photos.. I am also quite possessive about family photos/videos and know how you must be feeling! Hope you will get help at the earliest.

You tube pe process dekh lijiye Mail accnt linked hoga hi retrieve ho jayega

If u use an android phone, may be they are stored in google photos

Apple ya google drive mein kuch save nahi hai?

Maybe this will help Check in google photos. All are saved

It will be backed up to Google photos

Apart from personal, you can get all others on Twitter. Apke pics he sab copy paste karte post karte hai


Sorry madam Quite unfortunate.. Did you not keep backup copies in ur Laptop/computer/pen drives?

Have you tried Google photos there may be backup avlbl there

U didn`t linked it to gmail ?

check in google photos..

There will be RECOVERY &/or UNDELETE APPs Ex, aap Google Play mein check kijiye!

Filled FIR Againt Mobile Company

have you linked it to your email & back up? am sure you will be able to wishes for the same ..

Small price you pay for not keeping backup :`)

tab to ho gya

Lets Declared InternationalSadDay

Not really but you can google. A few people around city. No use now as it is lockdown

.... ........ Not joking. Sometimes being philosophical is best solution to getover.

But they should be on Apples Cloud get someone with Tech knowledge to help you. DM me if you need an intro to someone good.

Oh sad. Then send a broadcast msg to your friends, relatives, share back pics, you shared with them

There are 5 options ... look if one of them is useful. Oh but actually data is not lost. Not sure if you are in India sometimes data can be retrieved but you will need an hardware expert for that. In delhi Nehru place have many such technicians. Not sure about Australia

Don`t worry... Nothing can happen

Wrong choice..but yes but if you had saved your pics on the memory card then there is a free software called Recuva which can help recover deleted pics, also, if it`s really that imp, there are paid IT services which can help you recover your pics on a DVD.

Extra memory free hogai ThinkPositive

Still you can recover using various data recovery software

Check you WA of you have shared with your near, dear , contacts. If WA does not have ask them to share with you. You can get back few at leastc

Why no backup to google was taken

You don`t upload them to cloud?

Now you have one picture atleast sorry bahot bura joke tha

Not even in Recycle Bin?

Thats painful pura godown saaf

You are not saving them on google photos.. btw are you sure they were lost.. kabhi kabhi nazar aata hai aisa par badh mein aajaate hai . Download google photos and they take backup of the pics and you can delete pics from your iphone .. most easiest way to save pics.

Dhruv Rathee be like- It`s due to modi software pegasus, enter your phone, then hacked it and all photos and videos got deleted.

Why do 91 ppl like this

Ma`am Right now Sorry, I hope you get you photos back... But you cannot loose from your memory,sit for meditation and recollect

How ? Have you not save on Google drive ?

It should be there by default...i think you chose not to backup...aisa kabhi hota nahi..

That`s Sad... Hope you find a way to recover them..

Check your Google photo backup

Should be there in Google Photos.

Did you count this SS?

Nearly 2000 pics and 50+ videos all gone

Check on Google cloud account...all pics should be there. Photos are backed up automatically unless you choose otherwise

Thats how it looks now Toh phir can get them all

Just check for cloud backup

Backup nahi tha ... cloud ya google par

My bro has mobile shop usually he uses this softwares

Download aap from play store

Did you check the recently deleted folder? It is possible they might be there. If you have a Mac then you can get it back thru Disk Drill.

The same issue happened to someone I know on Monday.. Auto iOS update happened & the phone didnt recognise Face ID or Pass code , End result data lost I fortunately use a personal cloud to back up automatically

I too did it once while clearing my albums. God knows what I clicked, lost all photos. Nightmare.

Install Recuva software on PC, connect mobile to PC via USB cable you can recover deleted files easily. Recuva is a free software and safe too. Try.

Not saved on the cloud ?

just click on the salvage button.

Jab backup dekha jo retrieve hua woh zamana old tha recent year pics of family sab gone specially kids videos they were precious ab jaake ek external me save kar raha hoon ab toh cloud se bhi bharosa uth gaya mera....

Oh Shucks, they will be in your google account you can retrieve it if android, or in your Apple cloud if iOS

Quite a painful experience !!

Oh no Check you cloud storage, gets uploaded there too, if it set.

Still go to google drive and take a look at your photo album. I`m sure they may have been backed up.

That sad day happened to me few weeks back and with photos i lost contacts too

Ohhoo. Main to isi fear k around kaam karta rehta hoo. Every month laptop pe backup leta hoo. Coz losing data feels like we lost memories

My phone got dead recently I lost all my family photos and videos too which weren`t backed up in cloud as it was full... Better to save in external drives or buy space in cloud

Sync nahin tha cloud mam? Waise you should take a full backup of the phone every month. Saves lots of hassles and get all the data back when you change you device.

How? As per the opposition leaders there might have been Pegasus attacked performed on you.

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