Waiting for my Dualsense to charge to play PS5

August 14, 2021, 5:53 pm
Waiting for my Dualsense to charge to play PS5
Waiting for my Dualsense to charge to play PS5 games. y`all could have made PS4 Controller`s work. Very anti consumer since the same next gen games can be played on XboxseriesX using an Xbox one controller.

Oh no extra controller?, ah if only you had batteries .. What have you done! The Xbox Elite 2 braided USB-C charging cable is long enough to reach my sofa when using my PS5 . Its over 9ft with is plenty, the cable that came with my PS5 is just over 3ft which is too short to play & charge on my big screen TV My God, you all should get married or break up already. We are all gamers. There`s unification in that. Why push buttons other than whatever controller you prefer, and start agreeing to disagree and just be happy we live in a world we`re all consoles take us to other worlds?

Yet people complain about Xbox having batteries. "OPTIONS"

Cant believe my car runs out of fuel, so anti consumer

So much for compatibility what was it again that you guys said? Xbox controllers are still bad? Well we dont gotta buy new ones to play on next gen consoles. But hey, who are we? Were just trash

The hated solution, rechargeable AA`s You can play as it charges

Most sensible thing you`ve ever said.

Buy a second controller? Bug a longer cable? Connect it to a power bank? You have so many options to choose from lol.

This is why i bought a new controller yesterday. In the end, it did what it was supposed to, get me to spend another $70

Are you not able to play while it`s charging?

Just buy second controller.

. These comments and solutions to get around the problem of PS horrible battery if are hilarious . But they brag about internal batteries are better. Not true. I simply got an Xbox play and charge kit with charge station. I barely ever run out of battery . No plugs. Smh Thats harsh. Its not anti-consumer, just dumb.

Youre genuinely confused with whatever it is that you support

Um buy another controller?? Every controller stand (hint) means you definitely need 2 controllers. Unless you another xbot

You have no wall outlet near you when playing? You can play and charge at the same time without using your ps5 as energy source.

it comes with 1m type c cable tho, plug it and play

Another W for Xbox

Too bad you can`t pop in a fresh pair of batteries

Charge when not using it plus who only has one controller? That and a headset were the first things I got day one.

why not just buy a 2m usbc and play while charging???

Having an option to use batteries would be great hey?

Yeah but the Dualsense is so much better than the Xbox Controller for me

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