Walking into @GameStop to sell my #XboxSeriesX a guy

October 10, 2022, 7:32 am
Walking into @GameStop to sell my #XboxSeriesX a guy
Walking into to sell my XboxSeriesX a guy said hey dude Ill buy that off you right now! Literally just gave me everything for my ps5 Im not longer an xbot Shout out to my bros!

Have Sony Studios named anything other than Wolverine in 2024 and Spiderman also likely in 2024? Everything else is remakes and remasters right? Fimbulwinter is ending in GOW Ragnarok and just beginning for PS5 owners.

He was obviously a Serious Looser



U say u change bc u only play old games but i see in one of ur comments that u are playing tlou 1 that is a ps3 game.... u should of kept it and bought a ps5 the best of both worlds i have all consoles and i havent turned on the ps5 since i beat hfw And ? U want a Cookie for that ? I`ll make u chocolate chips hold on. To be fair you made a right decision, but i guess Bethesda, Activision has been purchased by Xbox and soon you will see good games on xbox as well. So you could have kept both consoles. But still PS5 good deal anyways.

Wait till you find out TLOU 1 is an old PS3 game.

Bit ironic you say that when playstation are currently remastering their whole catalogue to sell at full price. You`ve waited this long with xbox and sell the console just as all the games are finally gonna start dropping? Odd choice. Each to their own.

LoL ponies pretending to be gamers. You never had an XBox and you certainly don`t have a PC.

Has unveiled the Series X there has been not any focus for any exclusive games etc and sorry not sorry doesnt count. literally has shown their value over and over. Facts are facts and its not a console war stating them. all Im sayingnot everyone wants to buy a high dollar console to play old games when there are game stores that you can go buy those old consoles etc. Some of us buy the nextgen because we want next-gen! We dont care about backwards compatibility etc. Since Xbox series X way better... See soon again

Im among the few who own both consoles I guess, but in fairness to your decision, Xbox has yet to produce anything of next gen quality yet. Even though 2 years post launch I have yet to see something truly groundbreaking like we usually see a few years after launch from either

Grown men that fight and bicker over consoles are beta males.

I`ve got every console, broke boy.

That upgrade, love to see it. Still a console player Yet still acting like a child in a made up fanboy war.

Cool I mean I like games.

Ikr He`s really grasping at straws "Legacy features" He doesn`t comprehend how that isn`t something to be puffing his chest about lol

PS5 squad in the house

Welcome to the Playstation family Home of exclusives :)

Scorn and Requiem release in a few days on Game Pass, literally next-gen only and for adults. Just admit you are broke and can`t afford every platform

I`d much rather pay my $17 for eneloop batteries and have my controller last a lot longer.

You poor thing

He said passionate about making games when it`s always the dance type of game

This post sounds so pathetic

You can beat that, by owning both.

Smart, I ditched my Xbox to, Nintendo and PlayStation is all Im sticking with now.

Something a poverty adult would say to be honest. Most adults would just buy the other console but here you are trading it in like its a car.

Can`t argue with your preferences or reason. I do have to admit if my backlog wasn`t so full I`d probably feel the same way. Idk if it`s me being 30 or what I just can`t give my games the attention I use to. I do like Far Cry 6 tho

I mean i guess? enjoy playing nothing but remasters and remakes from Sony lol they have like only 2 PS5 Only games and they are pretty decent but hey enjoy the PS5. more power to you

Enjoy your PS5

My condolences

You used a Count Dooku gif to emphasize your point. He was on the dark side of the force. Im glad that youre aware that youve joined the empire.

I didn`t know that forza horizon 5, halo infinite, starfield and a plage tale of requiem were old games

I have both consoles Don be little rat kids!!

you just got an actual next gen console congrats

Just got me to follow. Welcome to the Wild Stallions!

Thats rather an idiotic statement. Games pass provides a large variety of games, PlayStation provides a large variety of games with its service. So are you also saying PlayStation is for kids?

EXACTLY! I`m going to wait but like I said if they don`t bring me BANGERS like PS these series consoles are gone like my hairline

W transition

Vr is a waste of time, xbox has more accessories, the rechargeable controller has an awful battery life,and xbox is making more games next year.

XBOT or a gamer? Welcome to the family.

O will the x box not for u good luck on ps 5 u will mess out o the new x box game com out in 2023 gymgamerdad

Welcome to the club of phenomenal first party games

Play that god of war

Why not just have all of them so your not limited?

Welcome !!!

Dayum talk about downgrade

Wherever you game, enjoy it bro!

Cringe as hell

Should have kept them both

I dont see much point in a PS5 right now,Im waiting until Spider-Man 2 comes out at least but you are still right, there really is no point in Series X right now cause they have nothing, I dont regret getting mine though cause at least I have it when they do release some games

Good good let the door hit you on the way out

You know you can enjoy both consoles? Twitter is weird

Its pretty good, ngl though I play the hell out of my series X way more often. End up dusting the ps5 more than I play it, but still waiting on games.

Damn those are great games. I got them both platinumed. Have fun!

I just dont feel the way PlayStation is going led by that Ryan guy its not in a good direction which gives me doubtsbut hey its your money man ^.^ do as you please

As long as it has the games you want to play thats all that matters. Games over platforms all day long. Remember, were gamers, without games what is there to do with those consoles? Enjoy the new console man

Don`t come back lol Enjoy your new ps5. What do you plan on playing?

Just give it some time lol PS has 1 good PS5 game and thats ratchet and clank, every other game is last gen even GOW ragnarok,sure Xbox series X has 0 current gen games right now but that will hopefully change by next year with an amazing lineup of games for the Series X,theres no point in either console

Weird flex??????

My Boi making up stories for Twitter?

What made you trade your Xbox for a PlayStation?

Steam deck better

Hey man I may sell my series x! Its literally useless! Im forced to buy 3rd party games for it just so I can play on it, but this is turning out like the ps4 & 1x era! Xbox need to DELIVER bangers or this console is gone! And what if you own both? You can`t be a kid and an adult at the same time, real children act like you do on twitter, it`s sad really, but hey, whatever floats your boat kiddo

Enjoy paying higher premiums for all your remasters

Toxic as hell, no wonder you wanted to change to the more toxic fanbase RIP

Hey man Congrats I do own Both consoles but WELCOME TO THE CLUUUUUUUB! Youll be shittin on Xbox in no time!!

Okay fanboy. Welcome to the family

You would of been better of selling both and just going to PC considering you dont need either to play the games. Everything goes to PC so you could of saved yourself the $$$

Um no, vast majority on both of the things you named have a lot of adult games, how about you stop being so bias ad stop acting like a child

Ah yes. I recently played Notorious Childress series DOOM on gamepass

GP is a service,Xbox is a console and nobody puts a gun to your head to subscribe a service

im an xbot and im proud.

You have chosen very unwisely .... lol Traitor, do not underestimate the power of Xbox

What games are you looking forward to playing?

Buddy said Gamepass is for little kids. Man, I guess.

if thats your perspective. You Should have bought a pc. But lets be real you gotta chase the clout some how

Well damn that`s what i call an downgrade with all the great missing features

Aye welcome to the fam my g

Um one of those is a console and the other is a subscription service they do have something in common though, theyre both for gamers

Peace has been restored


This goes to both of y`all dudes: Y`all got your priorities straight.

Congratulations! I`m glad you seen the light my friend. Happy to see another reformed gamer. I myself did the same thing back in 2013. Haven`t regretted it since.

Dude I switched from Series X to PS5. Trust me, you won`t regret your decision.

What a flip flop,just have both consoles

Tagging a fellow Xbox gamer to get cleansed

Good for you man. I actually like all 3 consoles, but if I had to choose only one I would choose PS5. Ready for the Ragnarok?

Lol nah congrats on your purchase. Hes been Cured.... You know what`s good fam! Wonna see clips of greatness!

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