Was anyone else told to have the QR code

August 21, 2021, 5:28 pm
Was anyone else told to have the QR code
Was anyone else told to have the QR code showing on their phone from their Apple wallet? I didnt think you needed to do that. I thought just scanning the ticket would have been enough - like using Apple Pay

Nope, got android phone, straight in..

Yep, happened to me at the turnstile

I have an android phone and didn`t need the QR code. Just waived it over the reader just like my sons apple phone.

No. Just waived it over the reader.

Yeah they did , my brother had the qr code on his android

Used mine from apple wallet without the code and worked fine. Surprisingly easy

Worked fine with my apple walket, was shambolic though, for to Holmesdale entrance 3 at 2:35, and took 25 minutes to get in , as some of the scanners not working

A steward took my phone and did something so that the QR code was showing. Presumably the technology wasn`t working properly.

Mine worked from apple wallet. My brother has Android and it only worked with the qr code not the tap

Nope I used wallet as normal - as did my dad and no issues.

Ah so that`s what he does.

Yes we were told in our queue

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