We have an update regarding #ValkyrieProfile: Lenneth

September 22, 2022, 4:52 pm
We have an update regarding #ValkyrieProfile: Lenneth
We have an update regarding ValkyrieProfile: Lenneth. If you have any enquiries please visit:

PlayStation only or is it coming to other platforms? PC? Xbox?

Although I am bummed to hear this - I thought it said Valkyrie Elysium was delayed for a moment and was about to ! Valkyrie Elysium is beautiful and super engaging from what I have played so far! 4 More Days until release for the Digital Deluxe Version owners! I wasn`t thrilled with the Elysium demo, but I was definitely thinking of getting it, if only for Lenneth. Oh well. It sucks, but it`s for the best, if only because I was starting to get cold feet. I loved the combat, but the story and the world seemed kinda sparse in comparison.

Put it on the disc with Elysium

i think its safe to say it will be slightly updated compared to the psp and ps1 versions.

Will you upgrade the mobile remaster to make consoles and PC port instead of emulating the PSP version on PS4 and PS5?

Could you please release the Valkyrie Profile Silmeria??

No VP Lenneth for retail buyers? Pre-order cancelled and will wait for reviews. 80+ MC or bust then.

ValkyrieProfile: Lenneth deserve a switch version!

Ah darn I wanted to make Lenneth my first Valkyrie game since I heard Elysium was sorta like a sequel to it, but oh well still looking forward to playing Elysium this weekend!!

Bro I thought this was something worse Perhaps put out remasters (physically) for all (both) Valkyrie games.

It would be nice to have some sort of compensation

For those who have played both, is there a meaningful difference between Valkyrie Profile on PS1 and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth? VP1 on PS1 goes for like $600 on eBay now.

To add Xbox support...right?

dash in the air dash a little longer cut the attack with dash fast enemies the locked sign is annoying a white dot is enough. double jump and don`t give release dates when clearly is not ready.

I really wanted these games to sell well so a square could bring back VP2

Aww man, I was looking forward to playing this one first, but it`s quite alright. I will play Elysium in the mean time.

Wait, physical buyers don`t get lenneth?

All good! Just please, for the love of all that is holy... Don`t make the Sprites go through the usual SE remasters smoothing filter...

Physical release plz

lol i knew i should never got the deluxe edition. Why a port gets delayed?? Really bad move, i will remember not to support these kinda things in the future.

We would like to see an xbox version of Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie elysium

Waiting for the Xbox version.

Port the mobile version with QoL features, HD portraits and PS trophies support, and it will be 10/10.

What about the version from the collectors edition in the SE store?

Wait, what???? Will we be able to buy it individually? I want to replay it sooo bad!!

Good! this will give me more time with DioChronicles!

Valkyrie Profile 2 on PSN as well soon maybe next year? I`m currently playing it first time after 16 years of having it. Damn I didn`t know Lenneth was coming too. I`m already 10-hours into the PSP version Let us know if you`re planning on doing something with Silmeria as early as you can pls.

This is a good opportunity to bring it to PC

I need this game in My NintendoSwitch please Square enix

Please, bring this remaster to PC as well, please

When was Lenneth announced? Square Enix you`re amazing.

When is the Steam version release date?

Could you add trophy support and more quality sprites? Thanks!

Please do a physical release.

thanks for the update, take your time

Could you buy the game standalone on the store? Because I bought the physical version of the game and for some reason I`m a second class customer to you.

Valkyrie Elysium is the one that should be delayed because the quality of the game is nowhere near what I would expect from Valkyrie Profile. It`s one of my favorite RPG series and this is the first entry I would consider bad. Atleast it`s to improve the title

Its fine for me, I will play Elysium first and then move to other games when finished, I can wait till december for Valkyrie Profile

Is there goin to be the option to upgrade for the Deluxe edition if you get the Physical version? Like example what Stranger of Paradise did?

All I ask is a possible steam release but that`s probably up to square. Valkyrie needs to be safe on another platform that won`t vanish because a higher up feels like it

I have a question. If i pre-order the deluxe edition before the new launch?, will i get Valkyrie Lenneth?. Thank you

The game its a remaster? Or only a port with emulation?

Dec 22nd? Youre sending this game to its death

Noooo i wanna play Lenneth before Elysium Well Lenneth will be under my Chrismas Tree Not today Iseria but soon we meet again

Thats ok. Still coming. Thanks for taking time to make it better. Now if you add Silmeria..... Really excited to play Elysium

PC port as well

Thats unfortunate, but it wasnt like I was planning on playing elysium and lenneth both at the same time. Hope you will add trophy support at least with this delay!

When this will happen? This is a good opportunity to translate it into Spanish

I don`t understand what do you have to improve. This is bad for the people who bought the Digital Deluxe Edition. What a mess

interesting choice for the date Thanks for the heads up! Loved the Elysium demo and this gives me time to comfortably finish the game before Lenneth comes out!

More delays

you were right

Welp good thing I bought a psp copy

Take your time and get it right. I`m wondering though. Any chance we can see some kind of preview about what it`s going to look like, new features and quality of life updates, etc?

I hope this gets a physical release at some point

Well hopefully this means it won`t be a straight port from the psp version.

And how exactly do you intend to improve it? There is a highly superior version of the game (the PS1 American version), but you guys insist on using the inferior PSP one.

No problem! Looking forward to playing Valkyrie Profile Lenneth!

Is VP Lenneth being released as a standalone version as well? Trying to stick to a physical purchase for collection purposes :(

Take your time. I now at least know that you guys are working on it well enough to have it ported on console. So I guess i`d be revisiting this game during Christmas break. Yey!

Good! Make it look better for modern console. Not just a port all polygonal. VP Lenneth it`s a game from my childhood, I don`t mind to wait a bit longer. As long the game looks better. Like Konami doing with suikoden. Making the game looks a little better. Take your time! Looking forward to playing both.

send me this game on steam!!!

Thanks Bummed but looking forward to Elysium!

I think you said you were interested in this?

Thank you for the the transparency and update.

Totally fair getting the deluxe edition for the extra weapon so Lenneth is a nice bonus!

any chance to change the CGI with the gorgeus anime used on the PSOne version?

Any chance of a remaster of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria too?

I know exactly why you are doing this, and it`s pretty shameful to be honest. But okay, i`ll remember that. I don`t ask for that much, only to be able to play VP Lenneth on PC as well

Are we supposed to get a code for it or will we be able to download it as it releases?

Valkyrie Profile Silmeria REMASTER to PS4/PS5 plz.

Appreciate yall taking the time to make it better

any chance you will add trophy support?

Thank you but please put Valkyrie Profile Lenneth on PC as well!

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