We know you`re impatient to add him to your

January 21, 2021, 9:26 pm
We know you`re impatient to add him to your
We know youre impatient to add him to your lineup, but brace yourselves SS4 Gogeta is coming soon to DragonBall FighterZ! In the meantime, whos been playing Super Baby 2 since last week?

Id rather see a UI nerf

Im loving this character!!!!!!!!! Bro put hercule, super buu, great sayain man & some red ribbon mfs on here and character skins!!! Why would you not add SKINS?!?! Tf!!

Can we get an early showcase for gogeta? It`s a lot of waiting for only 1 character...

I honestly want Bergamo (along with his bros as part of his moveset) for Season 4. Can we get super 17 .since we doing Gt

Yall need to stop adding hype beast characters and start adding some oddballs like Raditz, Yajirobe, Chi-Chi, Gohan with a sword, Android 13, G.Gohan, Bojack, or Zarbon just to name a few.

Super Baby 2 is AWESOME! Now my team has an Evil Goku (Goku Black) and Evil Vegeta (Super Baby 2) lol

Please consider this as an Alt I wait patiently THE Team... Thanks for the wallpaper that I cropped to fit my phone Aaaaaaaaaaa the hype man I cant


Mans combo going to weird I played him and like him. But i`m really curious how you could Gogeta SSJ4 when Gogeta blue have all his moves.

Mega levels of hype for The SS4 Monkes but Baby has actually been surprisingly fun and I cant wait to find out new combos with is awesome and unique kit

Ss4 gogeta is the 1 character I`ve wanted since the game was announced. I`m SO hyped for him thank you so much!! Also Super baby 2 is really fun!! Love all the unique characters this season!


Off to a good start so far

How soon is soon

Is SS4 Gogeta REALLY coming to FighterZ, or are y`all telling us the untruth?

Need him to come out soon

Baby`s cool okay where`s the SSJ4 Gogeta trailer Wait... Why is he Super Baby 2 and just not Super Baby? Future dramatic finish reasons maybe?

But rollback though

February or March i tough

Wonder how they make his moveset when blue gogeta basically has it

it`s still amusing to me that the DBZ games are the only DBZ media that still seems to realize people like Vegeta

It would be cool if Shallot joins FighterZ. Android 21 has 3 units in Legends after all Release date please lmao

Bring Raditz you cowards

Baby is the most fun character in the game. So Im super hyped for SSJ4 Gogeta

BOUT TO COOK ALL YALL Oh my god super Saiyan 4 looks so....uuughhhh I need him noooooww !!!!!

Drop his theme No balls

Been playing against him online a lot, thats for sure. Hes a fun character with all his unique abilities but I like beating him up for the time being.

Pls bring us crossplay between xb switch pc and ps because xb hard time finding matches and switch is dead

I have & hes AMAZING!!!

After SSJ4 Gogeta, I hope we get Raditz, Chichi, Omega Shenron, Majuub, Toppo, and new stages for season 4 dlc pack.

Finally the master has arrived!!

I have Super Baby 2s pretty fun and knowing SS4 Gogeta inside and out I think I can get a pretty good idea of what his play style will become

Three top tier dlcs in a row.... tf are yall doing over there smoking stacks of weed I presume

As nice as SS4 Gogeta is, I feel like a better pick mightve been Syn/Omega Shenron, seeing as we already have Gogeta in the game. I understand, Super and GT are two very different seriess, but at the same time, I would have loved to see another character the size of Z/DBS Broly

I do he very good but any dramatic finishes

Now I wait Will There Be FighterZ Pass 4? Theres Toppo And MajUub Still Need To Be Added!!!!

So HYPE!! But one question... When are you stepping inside the dungeon Friends at Bandai? Gogeta is a beautiful baby boy

I lack the required money to buy said character as i was one day late to the steam sale and had to pay 83 instead of 13

Thanks for giving us an the og ui character Super baby 2 is the truth but I am interested to see how unique Gogeta will be

Gogeta is looking clean

I`ve been playing Baby for at least a week now and he`s really good.

Baby is fun, Gogeta SSJ4 looks fun, but I really want Raditz and/or Dabura in this game.

We want FighterZ Pass 4 already!

Baby is awesome. Haven`t practiced his loops yet but he is an insane character. RETURN TO MONKE!

Drop that dramatic finish!!

Baby`s hilarious. So much funny Ki blast business. Feels like he has kinda stubby attacks tho. He`s a Vegeta so makes sense

Soon for Bandai means 2 weeks to 3 months Still Im hype for Red Monke

I just want to play a Super Saiyan 4, is that too much to ask?

Baby when gogeta clowns him THERE IS ONLY MONKE I might just start playing more DBFZ thanks to SSJ4 Gogeta. Tho I still have hopes for S4 since there`s no Tapion yet.


Baby is great i`m so glad that he`s in the game. Still I`m hyped for gogeta of course

Soon for me means NOW

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