We`re honored to win Game of the Year in

December 21, 2021, 10:38 am
We`re honored to win Game of the Year in
We`re honored to win Game of the Year in GOTY polls! Thank you so much for playing and joining us on our interdimensional travels!

This game is truly a masterpiece

give me a hell yeah.

This game gave me pure joy and wonderful gameplay, loved it, voted for it and you are a worthy winner. Thank you for making me laugh and play and congratulations for the award.

You should play It takes two to understand how to make gameplay interesting! Your games looks abs fenomenal, but plays not so good


Everyones reaction when rift apart didnt win the deserved goty award at the game awards. Yet still won the PlayStation one Congrats! Absolutely brilliant game, thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope you make many more R and C games

Just in time plat that bad boy. Congratulations Insomniac. You deserved it. Amazing game, well deserved!!

The few friends who have a ps5 and played this new ratchet, are actually kinda dissapointed in how it looks. One said it looks like into the nexus, I disagree. The other said she doesnt see a difference from the 2016 one besides slightly better in game cutscenes (shocker there)

Believe me! Your great game is my GOTY as well! Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (on the PS3) was the game that brought me back into gaming! Rift Apart did a great job, again and believing in gaming! I love it so much! Thank you IG! <3

Very well deserved!!!

Can you make this for PS4 as well?

Congratulations team, that`s amazing and totally deserved.

You deserve it.

You deserve it such a fantastic game love it

Well deserved, Insomniac pulling out ahead on PS5, good luck for Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine . You guys and gals rock! Your game was simply riveting. The fun really ratcheted up the more guns I unlocked!

was alot of fun. congrats!


We came a long way

What you deserve more

Loved every moment of it! Congratulations on your well earned reward!


100% deserved, such a fantastic experience, my GOTY by a mile! Nobody does traversal like this studio

Less Rivet and clank and more Ratchet... Better yet, Starfield showed what was possible -- don`t you think it`s about time to open Ratchet up into an open ended Galaxy? Enough with the gimmicks...The time portal stuff was so limited, linear and constricted. It was all on rails.

Great Game

This game for sure is my GOTY! Such a fun and beautiful game from start to finish! Thank you for making such an amazing game!

Absolutely well deserved!!!

now I have to I guess

Heyyy congratulations you guys keep up amazing job

My gf got it for me for Christmas, cant wait to play it

Youre welcome insomniacgames

The only award it could win was one given by PlayStation. Such a pathetic game Congrats! You deserve it! Keep up the great work guys and Happy Holidays! Well deserved. Any plans for expansions? New planets/challenges? I need more of this wonderful game.

Two AAA games in a pandemic? This is such a great game. The game looks amazing and plays great.

More Ratchet and Clank please!

First game I ever earned a platinum trophy, I loved it so much

Please add this suit. We all really really want it definitely deserved Rift apart was my favourite game of 2021 as well

Yall got robbed at the VGAs

Well deserved

Insomniac games on a epic winning streak. The true winners of that trophy!!

Still need a PS5 so I can buy and enjoy this game

The furrys came in packs to vote lmao

A worthy winner! R&C was my favourite PS5 game of 2021 by quite a significant margin.

It was my wish... But it doesn`t matter... It`s my 2021 goty!

Well Deserved!

Well earned! You are my favorite Sony PlayStation Studio!

Congrats!!! You folks deserve it all!!

well deserved we love you guys and im excited for the future

Well deserved!


Deserved. I can`t wait to see what other adventures are next. But for some reason I like the idea that Emperor tachyon escaped buring the collapse of the dimensions.

super well deserved! super fun game and such an eye-candy! couldn`t put it down until I finished it. Might come back on xmas to play again!

Congrats, friends!!!


It`s a great game, but if you fix the bugs it would be perfect.

This game was all graphics but lacked in gameplay and variety and no Groovitron 6/10

Congratulations Huge congrats and well deserved

You deserve it, Rift Apart was one of the best Ratchet and Clank games I`ve played since A Crack In Time! Hope to see the Ratchet and Rivet crew again soon

Absolutely deserved

Damn deserved! Congrats Well deserved loved Rift Apart. Can`t wait to see what`s next for the series

100% deserved

Well done! A Crack in Time should`ve won too imo.

If u would sell a black screen game i would buy it! Just bcs u gave us spiderman and miles

you deserve it guys

I just bought the game cant wait to play it !

Sequel when

Well deserved!

Yessss! My boys are winning!

Fully deserved!



Well deserved

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