We`ve just got an FPS with Deathloop ya donut

September 20, 2021, 7:40 pm
We`ve just got an FPS with Deathloop ya donut
We`ve just got an FPS with Deathloop ya donut . Tell Xbox to put up a game In terms of variety, so far for ps5, we`ve had 3 platformers (4 including Kena releasing tomorrow night), a souls JRPG, 2 action adventure, a Rogue-Lite Shooter, and a immersive sim FPS. No variety?

The whole "rented" "sold" thing doesnt matter to me. I have netflix, so I "rent" movies. I grew up on blockbuster. Its all fabricated and nobody really cares. anyway. The only way PS players should access Xbox games is thru a dedicated GamePass app on the PS5. thats it

Yes. Those games should be accessed through a dedicated Xbox app alone. Like Xbox tried to do with iOS but got denied.

How does that make them 3rd party? You would be entering Xbox ecosystem. Xbox will have a dedicated app on PS where you will need a GT/Game Pass/etc. Xbox extends past the console. They have explained this for years but ponies still dont get it. Maybe when Sony does u will get it

You giving money to Xbox to make more bangers. Go ahead lmao. And Sony fans can finally play a good FPS and racer. Double win to me

No, I said not really as in i dont really care if it ends up on PS. But PS will never allow it so

Oh i didnt even see this but this is easy PS does not benefit more than Xbox cause they get nothing from the game. If theres a Deathloop 2, they wont get it. When the game wins GOTY awards, thats going to Xbox trophy case. Whatever the game sells, goes to Xboxs wallet.

I stated facts and he got mad at facts. Dont get mad at facts. How you doing Joe?

Sony should remaster this for u know variety This is the one of angriest kids on twitter. Lol no way he talks like this in real life. Dudes really act like 3rd person is a genre I didnt know Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima were the same exact game.

who owns deathloop woolley? where is the money for that game going woolley? who is never seeing an Arkane game on their console ever again wooley? They shouldve ripped that contract up but they threw yall a bone after they saw yall Fall/Winter lineup

awww man u claiming deathloop as ur own. thats cute. Arkane does make bangers. redfall on the way

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