Week 2 @NFLALLDAY Playbook Moments

September 22, 2022, 5:43 am
Week 2 @NFLALLDAY Playbook Moments
Week 2 Playbook Moments : 46,155 Moments : 53,262 NET: +7,107 moments Pack Numbers & EV 1 - 9,231 ($18) 2 - 8,308 ($36) 3 - 3,992 ($65) 4 - 3,044 ($76) 5 - 2,107 ($186) 100 Yards - $380 (Total) AND as of this afternoonevery yardage marker is +EV

Two separate arguments. With new supply & moments start to drop, what dapper chooses for challenges will matter to everyone. Now it doesnt because . The other, maybe make gamification only for commons? Rares & legendaries are the collectibles. Most dont collect commons anyway

The issue is theres a fundamental conflict of interest between collectors and dapper in that their profits are usually directly linked to moment holder dilution

As Ive said 599 times this week: - better collection organization - better ways to share your collection - better physical displays - platform itself focused on plays and storylines - figure out sound Gamification that yields non financial rewards

Because their isnt one. Thus why he is again FUDing and guising it as trying to help the community, but if MBL was really helping, why wouldnt he have thought about the other side and a solution. Perfect we got it, now we will go back to our thing and you can go back to TS.

Not sure. My point is that this version is destined to fail. If I ran the show, Id focus on the collectible side. There is betting, fantasy, DFS and best ball which are better versions of this gamification. So I think its a losing path.

Digital cardboard. That`s what he wants. Problem is that took 50 plus years to get to sheets it is today.

This ! I love that they are doing the opposite of TS, Ill tell ya that. Cant wait for his answer, Im grabbing

But only if theyre rookiesand next week only if theyre debuts. And the next week you can sub in any rare. I would feel 100x better if the rules were set at the beginning of the season and kept across the whole year.

Why didnt dapper pick MN game for rushing? I have all dalvin cook moments Why is this all rookies? I only collect vets These are legit the exact same issues with TS flash challenges. Once the market inevitably starts flatlining or dropping, this will become a talking point This is the gamification is the answer to the problems caused by gamification position. The market is entirely driven by gamification today. Even when there are no active games, people know theyre coming. You can no longer assess how users would behave without games.

i`d argue there is no store of value on either site. debut moments of top players (Lebron, Brady, etc) have all declined recently and the only way to make $ is pack luck or getting lucky on challenges

I think the main point and middle ground here is just keeping gamification but finding a way where dapper doesnt determine whats included in the challenges each week, but the games/players performance decide it. Need standardized rules, so dapper doesnt have market influence

Theres a balance. AD hasnt found it yet IMO

Mbl just wants people to collect only. The product would have 10% of current users if dapper did nothing

Bro, Thank you, this is what we all been saying.

I pulled a Swift Rare in my 3 Star pack. I sold it off quickly because I already have his common debut and only half of the supply is currently out. 262 people havent opened it yet from their packs and 568 are unavailable.

But you dont really want any of them. You only play here because the money isnt as smart as DFS players. Eventually the rewards and liquidity runs out. You personally will no doubt make money overall, but most will be holding a bag of moments they have zero interest in owning.

If they ever give a bump to complete sets the burns will have whittled down possible complete sets, would give some incentive to burn dupes of moments in sets you have

Appreciated. I know everyone is having fun. Just a little concerned with what is around the corner

Thank you, sir

This was ny 4 star pack. Smh Serious question from everyones favorite grinch these days -> are we not burning floor moments and adding a blend of common, rare and legendary moments? Meaning that an increase of only 7k moments is understating the true dilution? Think its sort of an important distinction

Great data thank you

my 3-star pack had a value of $28

Pretty impressive that the net is only 7K when so many of the Moments are new S2 ones. Love to see it! Feel the , baby!

Link to EV calculations?

Does this include the cost of buying 5 moments to burn? If so, that`s bad moves by me missing out

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