Well, Deathloop on Xbox Series X destroys PS5 in

September 22, 2022, 1:06 am
Well, Deathloop on Xbox Series X destroys PS5 in
Well, Deathloop on Xbox Series X destroys PS5 in performance. Will, Ghost Wire Tokyo be next.?

Happy with my ps5 Its general knowledge that Bethesda cant make a game for PS consoles without there being some kind of issue in all honesty.

Harsh but fair

It`s been a sad year on Xbox when all they have to brag about is a couple FPS on a year old PlayStation game

Youre just embarrassing.

You invisibly didnt play it with haptics, each gun has different haptics. But besides that Deathloop sucks

Nope, wrong, both go up and down. And even if, who cares about those few frames if you dont have those Dualsense triggers and haptics.

Playing it for yourself you wont tell the difference

Both games sucked to me so no performance can save it I`ll try Loop on my Xbox tho to see how much little better it actually performs

Hearing Juliana voice come thru in the speaker on controller is dope! Unlike Xbox that channels it thru tv speakers! Just like division2 hearing audio thru that speaker as corny as it may seem adds a level of immersion missing from Xbox versions!

Performance but not the best version! Dual sense is a changer! Dont believe me play division2 on xbox & playstation, ps had the better version! Just play deathloop on both consoles, ps is better! The speaker on controller makes the difference Along with other game the XSX absolutely demolishes the ps5 and ghostwire will be no different

it runs incredibly well on PC so i`d assume so

Usually games coming out later look better than those that came out before. Although that`s not entirely the case with Deathloop as it looks worse than launch era PS4 games from PS Studios like infamous SS.

Imagine trying to a start console war

Yeah, right, about that... Man shut up nobody asked

who the f cares, nintendo beating everyone with 720p and less than 30fps.

posting false information

Seems like everything is going to launch March 2023.

The difference is like 3-5fps and neither can hit 60 tho hardly a flex

Every game destroys its shitstation counterpart. That`s what happens when comparing the superior xbox version to the inferior pos that is shitstation.

Just like how MLB PS5 destroys the Xbox Series X by a 15-25% lead? Its obvious that optimization should be better on the home field. Yall take anything as a win

Even if it does it really doesnt matter, the exclusivity is really powerful compared to more fps(I watched the vid and the ps5 did get way more fps on performance vrr)

I think that is a definitive, yes.

When will ghost wire hit xbox

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