Well done to @Barclays I`m watching a scammer pretending

October 3, 2022, 4:23 pm
Well done to @Barclays I`m watching a scammer pretending
Well done to I`m watching a scammer pretending to be and has remote access to the victim`s phone. Their banking app detects the presence of that remote access and the scam stops in it`s tracks. Nice.

Did they read this and hang up?

Any chance of you adding this to your app to help stop scammers?

Thats awesome. Its like letting the trash take itself out .

ID and location and the name of the person who is receiving the E transfer money and verify who he is

Follow the trail of all e transfer I like the E transfer to be delayed for ten business day so the victims have a time to stop the E transfer the same with those Gifts card

The bank should have access to follow the trail of the E transfer where it went and who the hell received when people got scammed by scammers like my son he got scammed and the E transfer money and the gift card can`t be trase by the police when they investigate

That`s awesome. I hope and other major banks will take necessary steps to ensure safety of the customers like did. Wonderful job Barclays. You really care for customers.

Wow that`s amazing

lookin at you. Do have this type of protection in place (or any) to prevent scammers that trick people into downloading remote access applications. I know you can say Wells Fargo will never but this is actual intervention on behalf of the customer.

You just inspired me to work on an open-source JS plugin that will detect any remote access. Thank you for what you do, highly appreciated.

Llyods bank app just displays a black screen in my testing

Damnnnnn good job Super

now this is definitely something you guys should implement as well.

Are the other banks taking notes? If not, they should be.

This is awesome I hope this is the start of all banks doing this which should have been done a long time ago. Thank you so much Jim for sharing this awesome news

Thank you Jim, and for all you do.


All banks need to do this, itll save so many victims Nationwide are giving notifications for scams too when setting up new payments, I had one earlier. Although not 100% its a step on the right direction

Awesome! Every bank in the UK, US, and elsewhere should do this!

can you do this?

So cool to watch your like count click on up before my eyes 2700 and counting by the second!


Wow, that is so cool. Honestly that should be standard with any bank or government APP. banking Secure safety onlinebanking government weareallscambaiters Apps remotecontrol

Excellent scam prevention tactic is this implemented with you? Im a SC member with a focus on fighting scams wherever possible. Thanks!

Just tried with a few - some blank the screen - others not so much - no-one threw up the barclays message- you failed this test.

thats awesome

I just looked into it. It can easily be "fixed"

Only credit card I use for purchases is Barclycard. They`ve always been right on the phone during any abnormal purchases, like my car, etc.

What happens when the scammers tell them to use the website directly?

* its (beware of poor grammar and spelling - it could indicate a scammer... )

Sure, but it begs the question of how much else the banking app sees and to what extent it`s able to snoop. I don`t really want my bank knowing what other apps I run!

Hot take: scams are bad

Huge step!!

Wow thats pretty.

I`m an engineer at a bank and I`ll definitely bring this up with my leaders.

Yes finally

All banks should be legally mandated to add this protection, to their apps and websites. That would prevent a good portion of scams.

I actually love how does online banking, because they never ask for the full PIN Number & Password. So a scammer would have to ask a customer to possibly login dozens of times to scam. Not forgetting the Card Reader to authorise payment

A couple of weeks ago, Barclaycard alerted me to half a dozen transactions on my CC which they thought were fraudulent. They spotted them before I did, sorted it for me, and alls well. Very impressed.

Awesome this should happen for all banking apps

Brilliant from . any chance you can do the same?

Absolutely great. Believe other banks such as RBS and TSB are doing something similar.

My worry is if they (scammers) start directing people to access the bank via chrome.

I had a text from a mobile number saying my amazon account was on hold with a link trying to get me to log in and a fake EE calling my daughter all the time both UK would the numbers be any good to you Jim?

Think I will switch to barclays if my bank don`t do this

This is reassuring as I have that app hehe

Man Id love to hear the scammers reaction to seeing that message infront of them

A bank that got it right? Wow. fightingscammers

Hey how about stepping up your security and getting your app to do this .

Untill scammers ask them to use the website.

Scammer when they saw this alert This needs to become the industry standard!! I highly respecf what you do Jim, we need more people like you in this world!!!

Great. Good news banks has finally taken this action to protect there customers. Its about time. Good on you Jim for your great work you do. Lets hope many more banks has this feature embedded in there apps.

Well done a simple enough solution that will save a great many people from these scammers.

Interesting! I wonder how they detect the presence of "remote access" and I`d there will be an arm`s race now to bypass these tests?

Super work.

Do you have anything like this in place?

So does most uk banks i work for three of them you can probably guess who from that but they have the RAT too

Hell yes! Take notice That`s great! Big W from ^^

Good for you Jim, you are doing great work

Thats fantastic! Would love to see more bank apps do exactly the same.

Thats funny. Im reading this just after Ive parked a block from Barclays arena in Brooklyn.

Not all heroes wear capes.



Well done Like this a lot. Love it

Do you do this? If not, why not?

That`s just brilliant.

Fantastic work by to prevent screensharing scams. Just need the icing on the cake by changing that phone number to free direct line to the fraud team with no automated option mazes to go through.

that`s really nice!


They are learning from you Jim , excellent work

This isnt directly related, but another countermeasure that made me say nice was apps that insist on taking a live camera picture to scan a photo ID, and not let scammers import an arbitrary digital photo of an ID.

What? A solution so simple but effective! Why nobody thought about this sooner? Hope all Banks use this in the future! Sorry my bad english

Shame that the number to call isn`t a free phone number though.

That`s a good development team implementating a class to check if /user/data/com.anyscam path is associated with a pid.

Yo, Jim. You wanna look into tWitter GFX scammers at some point?

And if everyone did the same, most of the scams would crumple

Do other banks have the same or need to implement this approach

I wonder how the conversation went after that lmao

Exam companies have been doing this for a while for remote exams, how has the banking industry taken so long?

Good stuff other banks should follow this as well

I remember Blackmon 2009-2010 I got almost scammed but as soon as I heard Western Union I said Noooo Noooo ( in a voice of consuela from Family guy) that sounds fishy

Scammer: P.S when you have a free minute could you please check your inbox :)))


Finally some resistance from companies

Now thats an example for each and every bank to look at

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