Welp…my journey is finally over

November 20, 2021, 10:07 pm
Welp…my journey is finally over
Welpmy journey is finally over. Thank you so much all your tips and alerts were gold!!!!

Love the combo! is the best. I secure 6 consoles because of him. For me my brother and my best friends. PS5 SeriesX and Nintendo SwitchOLED

TO get the walmart membership or not, in the hopes of snatching a PS 5 on Monday, or do I wait. Such a sifficult question.

Want that Halo so BAD!!CONGRATS!!

Congrats, looks like I`m in good company That`s awesome man! Congrats!

I still need more :) Insane! I love my halo series x!

FedEx banged up the corner of my halo series x box. I know its not a huge deal but it kind of is.

Happy gaming!!

Do you guys know if their will be another halo console restock?

Nice! Sell them for Christmas!


Well done. Thats a killer score right there!!!

Now it`s my turn here`s to Monday

Good stuff. Congrats on your Halo Xbox Series X

Go for two more . One setup for each side of the house


Can I buy your xbox?

Naisu. Well done!

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