What do you all think about foldable smartphones? Will

August 11, 2021, 12:45 pm
What do you all think about foldable smartphones? Will
What do you all think about foldable smartphones? Will it eventually become successful, will it just be a small niche of device type, or is doomed already? I`m testing the Samsung Fold 2 and can`t get over the weird shape when folded... foldables smartphones

Maybe the difference will be that one of them you might be able to fold into your pocket. Another interesting area might be eInk foldables. Effectively to have electronic books in your pocket. A smartphone isn`t good for that.

It really depends on how the tech evolves, both technically and the production price. I can see this become successful if they succeed in getting the price low enough and overcome some of the engineering challenges

Foldables will be forgotten soon unless Apple enters the market. I don`t think the tech is quite there yet. It`s still a compromise in software and hardware

dont think if I`ll ever use a foldable device ! There`s no need.

I think foldable tablets is where the tech will shine. I`d also bet that the first foldable from Apple will be an ipad. In phones. I don`t think it will be huge as the downsides are too big. Maybe eventually once the tech is mature enough and doesn`t add more thickness.

welp, as a web developer, it could be interesting trying to add responsiveness to foldable phones

I had toe Fold 2 for about 6 months and honestly loved it. I love the form factor and being able to have a much larger screen in my pocket when needed. Sure they need to slim down before going mainstream but for me i love them!

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