What edition of #WWE2K22 are you guys gonna buy??

July 27, 2021, 1:12 am
What edition of #WWE2K22 are you guys gonna buy??
What edition of WWE2K22 are you guys gonna buy??

Getting the deluxe edition. If there is a collectors edition I`ll get it if it`s something i like

A Collector`s Edition if They have one

The $99.99 one I always do

Deluxe edition for Xbox

If the collectors edition is fire then Im getting that preordering that CE immediately and getting it day one..if notthen I will get the deluxe edition on a Black Friday or Christmas sale lol

Same one I always buy the Deluxe

Have they even released any details?

Im going to get the standard edition

Premium Edition ,Collector`s Edition whatever comes out

I hope they put Umaga in as a legend

Whichever one works Probably the Dexule Edition where you can get the dlc from

Whichever version isn`t broken to all hell.

Yeah hes happy and I actually like the series x. They both are great systems.

Xbox series x had a ps5 but a neighbor kid had cancer and really wanted a 5 so I traded him for his series x.

Whatever gives me everything

Well since I got the collectors edition of 2K17, 2K18, 2K19, and 2K20 I think it`s pretty clear I`m going to keep the collection going.

I`ll buy the Working Edition. It will be a while ;)

The only way I could get mine was second hand for a bit more than the usual retail price

The gold edition with the DLC

The worth it edition

Need more to go on before committing to buy at all

Well I didnt get 2020, so Ill see if I even get this one

Next gen bundle like they did for nba for either my series x or ps5 cant wait

It honestly depends on if they release gameplay. When it releases, I will wait about a week to see if it`s terrible or worth getting. The gameplay we will get before the release will probably be like 30 seconds long. So, I`ll wait for some people to post gameplay after release.

I have hope because they damm right it better hit different or Im never playing the WWE 2K game again also most of the roster is gone they probably aint got Daniel Bryan because rumors say he at aew and cm punk aew I want almost every legend I want the rock and sock pls be good

Normal Edition for sure but even that I am very skeptical haven`t seen anything

Bold of you to assume I`d buy one after the mess that was 2k20.

None until they actually show that theyve corrected the mess they made two years ago. Ive pre ordered for as long as I can remember but this year Im really tempted to wait to buy until people have had time to get hands on and actually check it out or until they show it WAY off

I usually buy the deluxe version, but I probably won`t buy any, I won`t take a long shot like I did in the previous game and that crap came Depending on what it is maybe the collectors

Digital or special edition it don`t matter I`ll be ready

The AEW addition I heard it`s a really good addition

Confirm. We dont need confirmation. Once puts it out then its confirmed. Whats the point of you? When everyone can follow the official page?

Sorry bro lol but you big prompting them .. jd you dont work for them how can you call yourself a news and updates all you doing is taking official news and recirculating it through your feed

Im gonna buy the Information Edition

Neither because yall havent made a good enough game to make multiple versions

Deluxe edition I need all the content

I`m gonna get it for Christmas, But That game better be 20 dollars off rip, DLC included, I`m not trusting anything they do after these last two trash games they put out, yeah battlegrounds Is ok but wwe2k20 is just the worst to ever exist

If I`m not mistaken, the deluxe edition is the one where you don`t have pay for DLCs when they come out?

I want the collectors edition for this game

I`m gonna buy the deluxe edition what other way is there to go.

Definitely getting definitely getting the Deluxe edition, cover star & release date comes soon so pre order can happen already iching for any new info hopefully all during summerslam weekend.

Is There A Cover Star Yet For WWE 2K22?

Have they announced an edition yet?

The best edition they have thats digital

I`m getting the deluxe for my ps5 or my xbox series x

Sasha Banks cover

Is this game gonna be available for PC Players?

I usually do Deluxe but I need to see more demos and make sure it`s not glitchamania like 2k20. If not back to 2k19 I`ll go back to or the AEW video game if it`s good. Come on 2K we are counting on you to get this one right! We need this for the culture!

Idk...I usually preorder and get the deluxe version but for 2k20 it was my first time getting the collectors edition and got the deluxe for Battlegrounds and that got boring after 2 weeks...after 2Ks bs the past couple years...now I`m traumatized I havent chose yet but I wanna get the Deluxe Edition!! And for the system maybe PS5 idk yet

Well I hope it comes out for ps4 until I get a ps5 I will buy the Deluxe Edition

PS5, Will be The Boogeyman un The Game WWE2K22?

The Legend Edition of course

Most expansive because I m rich

Well I want to know is your company on PlayStation 4 and can we download characters from Xbox

Is it posible to get all the raw and smack downs. Roster as a season mode like in svr2008

If there`s a collectors edition imma buy that

The Eva-lution Edition

Ehhh.. Im going to rent it first. If its any good then probably deluxe.

With an good universe Mode And a Simple carrer mode

can you get the special editions on PC?

The one that works hopefully...

A glitchless, bugless one hopefully

None cause 2k19 is better

Collector`s Edition only!!!

None. I will wait for The Wrestling Code.

Deluxe for Steam. But i pray 4 crossover Community creations.

Add career and story mode like 2k15 and 2k16. Then everyone will buy wwe2k22 like hot dogs.

I get deluxe edition of WWE2K22

Deluxe edition of WWE2K22

There not releasing 2k22 on next generation this year its only ps4 and Xbox one they are gonna do next years games on next gen consoles

I`ll get Deluxe as long as they don`t have that Original`s crap as the DLC again instead.

PS4 And Deluxe Edition

Whichever editions available on ps5 but I`ve read that if it doesn`t work right on next gen they won`t release a sole version for next gen

Whichever has the most dlc characters included in it lol. The highest of the deluxe editions!

Probably the Deluxe

For WWE2K20 I bought the collectors edition that cost me $175 AUD ($128.70 USD) and it was horrible not just the game but the items were trash too! I still have a bad taste in my mouth from that so Ill probably buy the cheapest one

I have a PS5 but will the PS5 Version be able to download PS4 CAWs?

ps4 verison is a must for me and can you confirm or deny that wwe nxtuk be included in the game?

It depens what they include in the collector`s edition

Which ever is more meaningful to the fans.

I`m gonna watch those gameplay videos the week before and see if it`s worth buying it so I usually get the deluxe edition

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