What if Samsung partners with Twitter and makes something

February 3, 2022, 1:58 am
What if Samsung partners with Twitter and makes something
What if Samsung partners with Twitter and makes something like Twitter for Galaxy...?

Twitter for iPhoneoh! That feels great

i use the samsung browser just because i got an adblock that works well with it

Then Apple will probably make something better

Name idea: space bird fe

Imagine Twitter for Dex

...what difference would it make?

Yes, I thinking abouth it a lot of times and I still believe, if happened it will be avesome.


It`s not run on IOS , it`s run on ipados

Excellent idea But it will never happen.

Galaxy still uses android so? Makes no sense

Well now Ik google duo and spotify for galaxy so far

Please don`t give them these harakiri ideas.

It will never happen. Anyway, I`d laugh, especially at those who bought an Exynos phone. The power of an ecosystem: Twitter for iPhone Twitter for Mac Twitter for iPad

That`ll seriously be awesome

I mean... Why, though? What is it going to add that`s going to warrant such a thing?

Twitter does not have the resources for this.

That can`t be because they are running on Android and "Twitter for" is plateform specific...not device.

I don`t think so android is on the same level as apple

This will be nightmare for other Brands `cAuse two giants were together

I hope this happens...

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Make the Twitter app only available on the Galaxy store and optimize for Samsung devices. Make universal Play Store version unavailable, and it should show something like "Twitter for Samsung." It`s totally possible tbh.

What would be the advantages over playstore twitter?

Bad idea. iPhone users would just flex on Samsung users even more that they know that.

Hmm...Twitter for toilet

Been waiting for that for years

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