What is the highest number of hours you`ve ever

October 12, 2022, 3:00 am
What is the highest number of hours you`ve ever
What is the highest number of hours youve ever spent on a single video game? Be honest! Between the PS3, Switch, and PS4, I have just about 2,000 hours on Skyrim since its launch in 2011 Runner-up goes to the just over 1,000 hours in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Almost 3,000 on Overwatch

Its probably either Hearthstone or Rocket League. At certain points in my life, they were my, Im bored of other games so Ill just play this activity.

Just cause 2 close to ten thousand hours between steam, playstation, xbox 360 and axbox one and series S...

Over 1200 hours on Rust

A bit over 7,200 on FFXIV, but for non-MMOs, 1700 on Monster Hunter World. Probably close to 1500 on Dark Cloud 2 over several playthroughs.

Elder Scrolls Online: 3000h on Xbox, 2000h on PC and 600h on PS.

im somewhere around 1400 on binding of isaac

Well over 10k hours on World of Warcraft over 16 years

Rocket League. Across 2 platforms I probably have 1K hours.

Dark Orbit 4000 hours over 7 years FarmVille probably 2000 hours Most Ive ever put into a console game is around 100

I have 284 days played on my rogue on World of warcraft. It was the only game I played for years.

Probably Minecraft, haven`t kept track

240ish days on Division 2, about 140 on ps4 the rest on pc

Division 1 - 2374 hours. Division 2 - 1654 and counting

I`ve spent more time on others but I got 200 hours in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance which I`m proud of. Spent a long time making sure my main character was unbeatable. Pala/Nin with Excalibur and Excalibur 2. I currently have 2265 hours on PC, and some on PS. I have 386 on PC for Skyrim SE. I have hundreds on PS4 for Skyrim SE. I have hundreds on PS3. Good games always have a few hundred hours. ME series. Thousands.

I think I have nearly 2000 hours on factorio. Some 500 hours in Kingdom series combined. Over 100 in Core Keeper. Civ games are in hundreds, but weren`t counted until 4. I`ve played FF7 through almost 20 times, so that`s in the hundreds.

I played Swtor for 5yrs straight, almost every single night. I cannot even begin to guess how many hours.

5500 hours in ESO.

I think I had nearly two years played on EverQuest. Literal years.

Not sure if Minecraft or one of the Civilization games would be higher, but I`m afraid to check the actual number on either of these.

Conan Exiles: 2640 hours. Played since early access. Bought all $10 DLCs over the years. But now they`re owned my Tencent, added Battle Pass and Micro Transactions - so even though I want to try out the new stuff, I deleted it and will never play it again out of principle.

Its probably Diablo 3 or Bloodborne. But honestly it might be The Legend of Zelda or Sonic. I played games when I was a kid for uncountable hours and no way of tracking it. I bet I spent more time on those games.

1000 on garden warfare which I was not expecting to be so much fun back then Many many years in world of warcraft. Last I checked when i stopped playing a year or two ago my rogue had over 6 years played gametime...thats realtime years. And I have one of every class on horde and alliance and they were all max level except two or three so figure from there

200+ hours in Elden Ring

It is hard to know for sure but I`m fairly sure I`m well past 10k hours on Major League Manager. It might be close to 15K if I add in all the time spent modifying it.

Neverwinter Nights is a game I played literally almost every day for years, so that would have been in the thousands of hours. UT99 was also between about 2000 and 2005, playing regularly, so five or six hours a week for five or so years adds up.

Elden Ring: 236 hours. Runner up is Hades at 129 hours And third place is several iterations of the Binding of Isaac coming to a total of 123 hours.

Over 700 hours original Overwatch.

I have around 6000 on Destiny. If we exclusive Destiny, it`s probably Final Fantasy X at around 1000 hours.

Over 2000 hours Fortnite Save the World

Easily World of Warcraft. It was almost the only game I played from launch until around 2014-2015 when I finally gave it up. Probably over 10,000 hours played at least if I had to guess.

2500 hours into neverwinter...it was my first MMO xD

I think is 1300 hours with Smash bros ultimate

Umm. WoW. I have 7k hours on a single character. I play 4.

World of Warcraft. Just my main alone, I had over 4000 hours. With all others combined, that number is likely over 5000

1378h 30m in Destiny 1.

I maxed out all my materia multiple times to "Master Materia" in FinalFantasyVII for PlayStation. Not sure how long that took, but definitely beyond the "99:59" maximum recorded play time listed on the save file. Sim city 4 has over 10k hours..

Did 450 hours on destiny before turned in dog water

TF2 at like 4280 hours or so

MMO: SWTOR - Well over 8k Non MMO: Mass Effect Trilogy with over 1800. Spent a lot of time in ME3 MP as well on top of that.

Oh god I`ve wasted years playing wow

This screenshot is getting a good bit of use Almost 5000 hours in Elder Scrolls Online

eso on xbox i believe i am around 34 days played or so

I`m sure someone has me beat but- Just over 1,000hrs in Sims 4 since its launch in 2014

1455 hours in Rimworld. Not 100% sure but the total across all different years of Football Manager could have that beat, but not a single year`s version. Also might have had more on FF6 for the SNES back in the day, but there was no hours tracking then

Over 10,000 just on my main character on World of Warcraft

I don`t have exact numbers because of different platforms of gaming. Skyrim is probably 1. The next closest would have to be original ff7 or ARK.

If we are talking all time? I probably sunk about 500 hours into Chrono Trigger. Getting all the endings every play through, side quests everytime on top of The DS extra stuff.

Fallout 4: 2279 then No Man`s Sky:1403 Skyrim is following behind that but i also played it on xbox360 when it came out so..guessing between the two. at least thats what steam says lol

I have over 2,000 hours in Rocket League, of which around 96% on PC, almost 4% on PS5, and roughly 0.1% on Switch Lite.

Im not sure how many hours, but its Final Fantasy Tactics. The in-game clock maxed out at 999 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds a long, long time ago

I had almost 4K hours in Diablo 3 and now have almost 3k hours in Destiny 2

2,300+ hours to-date on Runner up is with 1,100+

I want to say Final Fantasy XIV (so far) at a couple hundred!

FFXI .. 786 days of game play do the math cause I dont want to even know

About a thousand in left 4 dead

1,347 on Minecraft :)

If you tally up all the Pokmon games I have about 5000 hours

Ugh... World of Warcraft >.> 5,000+ Got away from it and will never go back. No judgment on people who still play. Live your best :)

36125 hours on one character (of several), on Thats over the course of 25 years, though.

Probably Skyrim. Originally had it on the PS3. And it was a bust after about 15 hours of play. Then got it for the PS4. Played it often, did a bunch of stuff, PS4 burned out, it goes on with another playthrough. But definitely logged in the hours on Skyrim.

250 day on one character in world of worcraft. Yes days. So 6,000 hours.

The amount of hours I have spent hatching Pokmon eggs (while watching TV) is probably disgusting

I have a over 2k hour save on Skyrim

I`m gonna say FFXIV. I started playing it on PC when 1.0 was out, then to PS3 when A Realm Reborn came out. Gradually went to PS4, and now PS5. Over 10 years of that game, gotta be a crazy amount of hours.

I don`t have the actual hours on hand, but it`s probably the original Destiny for me. I`ve played a lot of 100+ hour RPGs, but I spent a couple years logging dailies in that game.

After searching through my steam history and much thinking from my past, I can definitely say that Elder Scrolls Online with 842 hours play time. Mobile game wise, for some odd reason, Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

3501 hours of Smite and 2936 hours of Destiny 2

I`m sure to this day, even though I haven`t played them in years, it is probably RuneScape or WoW. I wish I had some clue as to how many hours but it was probably at least 500+ each. Skyrim is probably a close 3rd place.

Over 2000 hours in Monster Hunter World Name the MMORPG - I`ve been there. WoW and FF14, and EverQuest combined make up maybe 14,000-16,000 hours. Add in the dozen or so other MMORPGs and it starts pushing ~18,000 hours.

1600+ in fallout 4, more in ff11 and more in wow

Highest number would probably be Super Smash Bros Brawl, and then followed by Smash 4 on Wii U lol. The amount of time I spent playing with friends and participating in various tournaments in and out of state would put both games in a ridiculous amount of hours played lol.

Maxed out the timer on Final Fantasy 7....and still kept playing even after

Play time on my main character for FFXIV, more spread across a few others, though I`m not sure if it beats the playtime I had on WoW before I quit a few years ago lmao Closest games that aren`t an MMO would probably be 1.5k-2k on New Vegas, and 650 on Stardew Valley! GTA Online, Fortnite & Apex Legends way back when I did one of the year reviews on PS4 those were the games that I have played the most. And I wish I could play the online games all day but I have to wait for when I go to the beach because I don`t have good internet at home

i have over 3K on destiny 2 on steam alone within 1 year and 9 months of having a pc. i have thousands more on xbox for both D1 and D2.

I think gemfire for the snes has my most hours played that game over and over and over

Bout 10000 hours in overwatch maybe more across all accounts

Star Wars Galaxies. Id say 10,000 plus hours. The Death Watch back in the early 2000s World of Warcraft. Played consistently since 2005 till about 2020.

Around 300? As when I was younger I didn`t close the games during a break... now less than 100 for most... even doing completionist runs. Some as high as 250 for open world... but now I close the games to not let the timer still go, cause I like actual time.

Though I think we should omit MMOs, since there`s constantly new content. Single-player games might have a few DLCs, but the game you put the most hours into means there`s something you absolutely loved about it. To cause you to scour it so thoroughly.

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