What is this prizes 1000 usdc rules 1

April 25, 2022, 4:33 pm
What is this prizes 1000 usdc rules 1
What is this? Prizes: 1,000 USDC Rules: 1. Follow 2. Like & Retweet this post 3. Comment your answer and tag 3 friends 20 winners will be announced on April 30 (50 USDC each)

Prism pro mode is here lfg its the pro mode for android/ios app prism mode pro wallet and exchange That`s the prism pro Mode of the prism exchange app Prism app exchange Prism trading web page This a exchange very easy to use and pair Prism mobile mod and phantom wallet Prism pro Mode with a great features Prism pro Mode you can place a limit order prism mobile mod connected with phantom mobile wallet Announcement released platform mobile BTC/USDC pair spot trade on the Prism CEX with phantom wallet imported to it how do you respond about the existence of NFT, are you going to make your own NFT for mint? New exchanger mobile dex,advanced limit order book on dex. so we can trade on dex with limit order like on cex Prism Centralised Exchange PRISM CEX Thats An exchange Exactly! PRISM exchange App I think mobiapp. Good project. Prism-ag is fantastic dex app with auto login from will they achieve true Decentralization in PRISM ? This is Prism Pro Mode PRISM exchange App Check this out guys Will it follow the trend by dropping NFT in the future? Prism pro so awesome! My answer : it`s Solana`s DEX Aggregator (pro mode) PRISM Pro Exchange Prism app dex on web.3 wallet, it will be so aweme 2e can get maeket as we go NEXT BIG 3 TOP EXCHANGE

best project ever, you have to try it and experience all the features, thank you prism Single side staking went massive and pro mode will be a rocket to moon!

look like prism pro mode (application) So guys..this is UI from Platform Dont forget to join.. This is Prism Pro Mode Amazing App join friend, this Amazing Giveaway! Listed on a secondary market I think it should b App exchange market

hope i win PRISM MOBILE APPS!!!!! PRO MODE! SO WAITING FOR IT! A harbinger of great deeds 0xdb5458Cc76CE45943E983Cf641FB427DA2884c6F

High reputation and strong real name, I hope more friends will participate in the understand Best project ever An exchange application (Prism pro Mode) for we users Prism Aggregated Dex any idea on this, Frens? PRISM is a DEX but i think it`s appeared like a Wallet of CEX

It is looking usefull and great Mobile app of prism, exchanges. Cash Looks like mobile app is coming for solana network based technology company. Fantastic project $PRISM on verygood giveaway Hopefully to get chance the winners ! Prism view of web trading, many very good developments..easy to understand ...love it Hi , What Do You Think Is Important For This Project To Survive For A Long Time..?! you guys ready for promode ?

A mobile app with order book! exchange feature can trade btc The BEST dex in Solana chain Awesome PRISM PRO MODE, thats gonna change the decentralized world. The decentralized version of binance is here trying to accumulate then buy a budget house for my family. every bid of help is appreciated

Its PRISM Pro mode~~FOR IOS

This is the trading app This is a APP WALLET AND EXCHANGER From I hope be the first to use this DeFi Solana apps

Hope to me guys WINNN Check out the beast PRO mode

Prism Pro mode so smooth! Check this out... Mobile app wallet Lfg Prism pro Mode Hop in! This is so clearly.. Its "APP" Like a WALLET EXCHANGER. If will be happen soon, it will be great move from Good work.. DeFi Solana solanacommunity

Order book in Prism!! You guys are doing a great job!! PRISM App. Beautiful! I think its the prism app Prism app It`s the future LOOKIN LIKE THE PRISM PRO MODE FOR MOBILE Single side staking went massive and pro mode will be a rocket to moon!

Wow looks like just launched a mobile Dex! That could only mean that big things are coming!

App with dapp It is a wonderful project

Prism pro Mode Amazing! Hop in! Invest in prism, the team is doing a steady great job Answer - Prism Pro mode WAGMI

. solid one! This is Prism Pro Mode LFG Prism app wallet Answer - Prism Pro mode

This will come handy. An app wallet answer - Prism Pro mode Don`t get tired guys...do all tasks, don`t miss any WAGMI

Wooohhooooo! This is the trading app wallet with the limit order functionality! Can`t wait! Did you know what is this? I think this is a "APP WALLET & EXCHANGER" From for Android or IOS.. Oww, its gonna be awesome solana defi

Pro Mode will be a CEX killer

When the price a rice 1 dollar Prism mobile app? sweet $SOL swaps... Trading App including Pro-Mode App wallet with trading options Prism dex

App wallet Love prism 4ever App wallet for trading LFG

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