What ISN`T a cheat but FEELS like one? Play

February 5, 2021, 9:25 pm
What ISN`T a cheat but FEELS like one? Play
What ISNT a cheat but FEELS like one?

Play to someone that a better ping than you more than 80 ms of diference

Speed bridge in minecraft Yeah, except when our friends see we dont have the achievement

BodaciousGerm41 <

Rubber-banding my controller while my character is swimming against an object in TES IV: Oblivion so I can level up Athletics while AFK. saving your game before losing to the elite 4 in pokemon

When you dont know how to play so you spam the attack button on your friend

The stim glitch on Warzone

Going to a previous backup on a minecraft realm whenever I lose my stuff.

Spawning in box fight at fortnite

The controller in my hand.

The DMR/MAC10 in Warzone

The xbox controllers but I love you guys though just make it like the playstation controllers that don`t need batteries please

Later game upgrades from 3. You can literally become invincible.

Side missions until you`re way ahead of the main campaign levels

Conference Call with The Bee before the nerf.

Making 1000G in less than an hour in some known indie games...

Game sharing with your friend so you can go halves on everything

Infinite Ammo skull turned on-single player Legendary Mode-on level `Regret` (Halo 2).

Randomly guessing the first three potential password on a Fallout game, then quitting and going right back on it to guess the next three passwords until you finally get in the computer. Definitely a CHEAT.

Droping items for friends in dark souls games

When my wife decides to cheat on me I just go ham on the family pet

Me not being able to get that new Xbox yet....

Playing games on GamePass!

Plasma Pistol & BR combo

Rewinding retro games on the raspberry pi couldn`t beat them as all as a kid. Now at nearly 40 I`m aceing games left right and centre. Finished Super Mario Bros 3 with 137 Lives lmaooooo not even sorry I lost years of my life in the 90s haha

DLC weapons (unless it`s Borderlands 3)

Using riptor on killer instinct lol@

Armory Spawn Peak on Siege

turning the sound off in resident evil 7 and playing the entire britney spears library in the background. not so scary anymore!

Turning sliders all the way up in sports games

dejar que dos weyes random maten al blood starved beast por mi

Setting the difficulty to peaceful in minecraft right as you are about to die

Using the rewind feature in Honestly halo ce magnum can kill a banshee doesnt really feel fair to me

That`s... deep.

Game Pass. Thats too many games for the price.

camping, it`s a legit strategy, get over it

Maxing Archery in Skyrim.

Putting the gamemode to creative in minecraft

People mass buying consoles and the reselling them on E-Bay at a mark-up... Getting shadowbanned on Cold War for sniping

Getting free Xbox games from my friends and my friends Getting free Xbox games from me

playing minecraft on hard mode

Free Next Gen upgrades on some of the best games

Halo 2`s rocket launchers.

Accidentally bumped into a server in which everyone is a noob except for you.

Reporting folks for stream sniping when they kick your butt.

Paying for online services

making console after console with just 1 mediocre game like TheMedium Skyrim potion/fortify trick.

Playing split screen in COD and doing a 1v1 and secretly watching the other persons screen.

Using mouse & keyboard on console in Rainbow Six

Tucking on Sea of Thieves.

Instant stimpaks in Fallout 4. Will boost your health immediately. The rewind on Forza definitely

1 shot kill weapons/skills in PvP.

Quick scoping and martyrdom in cod

Out of single back formation Slants...hot route TE to go route vs cover 2... if hes not wide open the slant will be

Just running away. Lol but it doesnt make the game fun

Using co op on Halo to respawn

being an inverted quad shot god.

Raising the difficulty to farm easy xp but dropping it for boss fights.

Microsoft rewards When you have the series x in your cart and hit confirm payment and says out of stock within 10 seconds .

Not making enough XBOX for the demands of fans. And gamers a like.

Having to get your balls crushed in Outlast 2

Videogame developers releasing videogames that aren`t finished because they know people will still buy them and that they can just release patches. If the game isn`t finished when it`s released then it shouldn`t be released.

Jump climbing mountains in skyrim raster then walking round.

Any Crackdown game when youre at max level.

Getting 222 kills as iden in an online match

The smart pistol in Titanfall 2

Rewinding 20 times in a race on Forza

When games I want are free.

The fact that Sony makes all of its games exclusives

using an xbox controller on pc

What ISN`T a console but FEELS like one?

Buying stat upgrades in scott pilgrim

Winning the podium vehicle in GTAV.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro says, I`m a bit of painkillers Xbox Series One Harvey Norman Company, Leone says, kapisi I am from the generation that started on NES so saving the game at least once is a cheat

Lamar Jackson in Madden H2H.


Pretending to sell consoles when they are not available anywhere

When u can throw urself in the sea using the sword in SOT...

Pausing any RPG during combat to drink potions or switch weapons.

Folks who buy the new Xbox and resell them for twice what they paid because cannot figure out how to make enough to meet the demand.

The whole fame of Skyrim. Especially witg my 30x sneak attack damage bonus

Unless it`s Minecraft cos you nerfed that option

Buying Cyberpunk at full price

Buying a DLC character that was originally just a Pre-Order Bonus

Jotunn in the crucible Destiny2

owning guided missiles in gta

Saving game then killing everyone in Skyrim.

Cronus, Strikepack and such

getting healed by bandaging your arm when you`ve taken a shot to the head (in shooter games)

Xbox Series X availability

Aim assist for controller

Scouting the boss arena without triggering the cutscene!

No one winning these controllers, yet gaining followers under false contest. Thirsting a player in PUBG

Beating insider trading to the punch

Estimating the positions of the enemies with the sound of their steps.

Hacking on Xbox servers but getting away with it cuz the servers are trash

Playing Cyberpunk on the Xbox Series S with no bugs or glitches

Creative mode in Minecraft

Using rewind in Forza horizon 4

Test NAT type for gta online.

Playing against the Nets in 2K

LB LT RB RT Left Right Left Right LB LT RB RT Left Right Left Right

The stim glitch. It`s been here for so long now that it must be a feature, right?

Having the right prescription for your sight. Damn does it make it easier spotting enemy. Found out I had astigmatism at 27 y.o. been gaming since the SNES. Maybe now I can reach rank 50 in halo 3

Not in real life though

Game sharing with my friends & family

The Whirligig Saw in Bloodborne

Defeating the final boss after getting max power all side quests full rare armor the full juice

Can yall play make a Xbox series s/x controller green?

Me playing hitman

Watching a streamer play the level you are stuck on, because you were to dumb to figure it out.

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