What`s your long weekend side project? (it`s 200% ok

May 29, 2021, 10:39 pm
What`s your long weekend side project? (it`s 200% ok
What`s your long weekend side project? (it`s 200% ok to not have any) me, I`m resolving to finally move my site to SvelteKit + and implement the dozens of tiny features I`ve wanted for forever

thanks! really appreciate it!

I`ve been spending the week setting up my local dev environment for work and apartment hunting in Austin, TX so my weekend will be more of that and studying

Am yet learning more at Then projects will follow.. Am seriously enjoying.. Anyone can join me and we learn together.

Which plugin / vendor did you go with and why?

I made a fitbit clock face for my wife

The art is the hardest part right now, I just want to code but it`ll get there! And thanks for mentioning supabase, I`ve heard a lot of good things about it recently. Going to test drive that for another project down the line.

Mostly I just want to publish casual-style games. It`d be rad to make money on it at some point, but thats more a stretch goal. I learned a lot making & publishing a Match-3 game, now going for something a little more complex. The art/gameplay is already there, which helps!

Introducing solids to the baby.

Adding the final touches to my redesigned website built on top of SvelteKit! The last little bit always takes so much time.

Slowly porting a game jam entry for js13kgames from mobile web to native mobile in Unity. Slow and steady! Yip, bonus is I get to try implementing dark mode with v2+ (and finally jump on the bandwagon).

Changing my site design to be mobile first and using Tailwind to do this.

Yeah good point! I wonder if a plain text input would be better actually. A slider can be hard to use to enter a precise number, IMO.

Wife`s sites is an ongoing project... The article have deadline

Good to know. Ill check out as well

Working in a TS article and in wife`s site with Sveltekit thinking to move the "cms" to Notion

Adding tests to so I can eventually refactor it to use hooks so it will be a more pleasant experience to update it in the future!

Vacation today and tomorrow then Monday doing some indie hacking - finish the exercise verification for my TypeScript course - look into building MVP for round 2 of paid accountability group project

this question is why we need 4 day workweeks

What is the current stack?

Im still just working through wrapping my head around rust. I think what I find hardest is that to do the projects I really want in it their is just an added layer of WASM WASI understanding

Great stuff! Didnt realize your product was an ebook. Hadnt even heard of till now Ive got my book on currently, was planning on using their integration to leverage the marketplace. Contemplating whether to do it now or wait till 100% complete

Thanks! Launch guide looks great, will definitely check it out. Marketing is coming along gradually, recorded a few podcasts and am gradually writing more free content. Always open to suggestions! I have only a small audience now and am growing it while working on the book.

Thanks !

This is the first weekend for over a month that were not driving anywhere in our RV! So strange to think of staying in one place for a while Might take the opportunity to catch up on making YouTube videos

Converting a caravan to a kart trailer. :) Specifically monitoring messages in a Kafka topic in a neat way. At the moment Im considering using Splunk Sink Connector. It can pretty much be seen as a consumer of the topic which sends the records to Splunk HEC!

ha ha; we have a pool... this is a walking path that needs to meet specifications :}

Integrating react-jsonschema-form w/in in-progress React frontend. Veeeery slick having frontend query api for filter & form schema and then auto-generating filters & forms on fly But remedying out-of-box styling and tying into specific widgets (select, datepicker) is tricky

Thanks!! We cant wait to show you the actual product ;)

It`s like we are in sync I use medium as a funnel to the projects blog You will be pleased to know that I have taken your advice and documented the journey in the open I have a stash more coming soon too This is very helpful! I`ll look into these things this weekend. Thanks for the tips!

Building a magic the gathering visual deck builder! (Zero styling has been done haha...) Finishing up some content for my site, have a few drafts that are almost done. That and spinning up a couple of Elder.js projects.

Similar. Moving my sites to Nuxt.JS static site generation. Learning how to build a sharable module with common configs for all my sites. Generated right to Cloudflare Pages.

Sounds great. Will check it out.

Im in Michigan USA. You can just walk in to the pharmacy now. Hope you can get it soon!

Walking before running. Which entails going to two different mental health support groups.

Ah, but I have had a guitar around for over 40 years, and as these things go, I was a late starter. Little and often gets you there, though not necessarily if you want to be a professional musician of any note.

I have a subscription for premium features (like being able to preview what you select before exporting), but the endgame is autolayout support (responsive) and direct to framework export. But for now it`s free I have a proof of concept on the later here Nice, I definitely will.

writing a blog post to summarize your great podcast at stay tuned! :)

I implemented the merging blog/microblog to root namespace. I also worked on Hugo template to parse json web mentions and generate as part of static build rather than doing client side. All my web mentions broke during removal of namespace so my template searches for both

Bathroom repair

I have 20 paid costumers so far - monthly, yearly and lifetime deal - so, I think it kinda have some potential. My short term goals are: - Refine the target audience - Find the best sales channel - Having more users giving feedback - Explore more solutions with TweetPik

A design to code figma plugin with developer friendly separation of assets and a pre-export in-plugin preview window Currently working on native export to all framework when I get full auto layout support ironed out.

Finish up the finale of season 1 of my new podcast due to post in two weeks so I can get started on season 2. Never had so much fun.

Ooooooh love this transition

Posting links to all my recent podcast appearances on my blog, and trying to help polish the RTK Query docs. (and then hanging out with family tomorrow and golf on Monday)

Yeah, limiting the scope will be interesting. But I`m in it to solve a real problem, so planning a 5-year horizon for this. So far I`ve only focused on intrapreneurship. It`s time to join the hustle, even if it`s just as a weekend entrepreneur.

For me, more of a after the kids are in bed project but diving into emulation. CHIP-8 using Zig. Made decent progress last night! (Result shown isnt fully functional but close) so far I only installed Stripe SDK into the mobile app (no problems at all), and went to Strapi integration..(I am trying to take notes - like what was `painful` with Strapi or would be with Stripe for a blog post)

Resolve some issues on Working on the file uploads chapter of Cut Into The Jamstack (and the code contained in it). Hope your migration goes well!

About to head to bed but here it is! with and a few other folks

Hacking on a Next.js/Strapi blog for my partner + making sourdough crackers and sushi

Im using sdl2, which gives you a canvas to draw on using opengl

Finish this... Trying to finalize the blog on my personal site but can`t wrap my head around the UX for it

Working on setting up a career site for developers. Focusing on the tech stack first as it has synergies with my paid work. I want to add a search engine, enable block lists, filters, and notifications so you can get a mail for those dream jobs you want but aren`t looking for.

Same here! Going over cameras lesson 7 of Bruno Simons course.

I`m building a vpn client for android devices

has been a collective handoff effort since 2000. Still cool!

for sure

API doesnt work anymore (will be deprecated) but you can still export your data to CSV so Im building a pipeline first that pulls my info. Amazon in general is really bad with APIs of their products (except AWS). I wish there was a good Kindle API

Building a desktop game with rust

Gonna force myself to ship Coincidentally also using SvelteKit + <3

For a hockey league here in NYC. They have over ten years of content so should be interesting!

Small Frontend Mentor Project. Not small for me though I`m gonna be taking a day off tomorrow, I do that every other Sunday =D Today I finished two workshops at My tasks for next week are to learn GraphQL and start building something with the API of A small application where you can search for charct.

Trying out Svelte for a fun little side project

Currently, I am integrating Strapi & Stripe into React Native app (for my portfolio).

Next + WPGraphQL

Working on syncing Notion and Google Calendar via both APIs!

I was just about to create my blog in ElderJS, what made you decide to switch over to Sveltekit?

Building a bookshelf/library on Next.js with Goodreads, although first need to automated the export to CSV + import to a database (perhaps Railway, perhaps Notion) to use as a reliable data source.

Awesome! I`m continuing my migration of my blog from Jekyll to SvelteKit. I`ve done 3x conversions already (hugo -> SK, sapper -> SK, jekyll -> SK), and each has different nuances. Let me know if you need anything. Oh, and finally signing up for :)

So far not rushing at anything, but have played to guitar for a while (trying to improve my feeble attempts at Led Zep), and have been building some tool storage in my workshop - currently picking bits of wood glue off my fingers.

Hang out with friends at the park Gardening Working on the iOS versions of my App Play around with three.js

Mine is to relax, mainly... Maybe will write a blog post and make music but for now - relax...

View counts are growing fast on my blog for some reason ( so I`m trying to figure out the best way to build an online brand and maybe monetize. Plus trying to put out new content without over-thinking procrastination

Writing code that generetes art that gets robot plotted it with fountain pens, doing 8 frames, photographed, and finally animated. Taking me whole weekend each time... Wrote a quick bash script yesterday to do cleanup after I use create-react-app since I delete the same files / lines of code each time. Also working on a small react native app that reminds you to eat just to dip my feet into RN, expo, & push notifications

Gonna get outside as much as possible and finally build an mvp of my site. What`s driving the move to Svelte Kit?

Last weekend was the long here. I played a bit with tone.js and did nothing else

Hahahahhaha I was also going to make the joke but deleted instead

Find and hang out with her

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