What third-party products and digital accessories do you use

January 15, 2021, 9:48 am
What third-party products and digital accessories do you use
What third-party products and digital accessories do you use the most at the table? dnd

I love using Fight Club 5e on my tablet.

Chessex dice but otherwise minis from wherever. I particularly like Epic Encounters by and I`m a patreon for I have some flat plastic tertian by Without a doubt the most used tool besides my notes is and it`s sister site. A lot of useful tools and generators beyond names alone.

Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press. Monster loot books from The Lazy Dungeon Master from ... you. 2minute Tabletop for maps. Online: MS Teams + excellent (!) maps in Excel. This is more stable and versatile than the classic Discord/Roll20 combo.

The Tomes and Codex. Nothing delights new more than a sailor monster and hearing "what monster is this? I don`t know this one!" Ugh YES SURPRISE PLAYER Discord: communication (voice, text, memes), education (community discord servers) VTT: FoundryVTT Images: Google search Audio (music & sound effects): YouTube

Foundry for rules heavy or tactical games, owlbear rodeo for quicker or lighter games, and my notes on google docs

Owl bear radio, dnd beyond and discord!

Tabletop Simulator - VTT (can be used for all RPGs) Discord - Voice/Video D&D Beyond - Characters The pic below is what my virtual tabletop looks like that I put together. Each player has his own station with a dice roller and private message app. No one seems to have mentioned Improved Initiative, so I`ll give that a plug! It`s a great service that makes running combat a total breeze. I can keep track of monster stats, roll damage for attacks, and know exactly how close my PC`s are to death.

OneNote to keep track of the campaign, D&D Beyond, Roll20, Discord.

Lazy dungeon master for prep, solo adventurer toolbox, donjon en kit (a French product similar to virtual reality for cyberpunk games, Evernote

for maps and tactical combat, DnDBeyond for sheets and quick reference, Kobold Press warlock Patreon articles

for when I need a map on short notice

is my absolute go-to for immersive background noises. I also use them when I`m writing my fanfiction and original stories. Major shoutout to one heck of a crew running that ship!

The three Kobold Press monster books, D&D Beyond. and Roll20

D&D Beyond when I played 5e Pathbuilder 2 and Archives of Nethys for PF2 The internet of things for other systems

This is a great resource! Im definitely going to pinch some ideas from this to augment my own Notion setup.

Oh all of the I will forever say it`s better than Roll20 (especially now that Unity is in development). I also use for speaking and music, and is my holy grail of organization even outside of DnD. I have.... Way too many notebooks.

This token kit!

Google docs/sheets, dndbeyond, donjons, MCDMs Strongholds and followers, return of the lazy dungeon master steps. Idk if it counts as "3rd party" but I use the 4e monster manual a lot more than the 5e one

Foundry VTT, Discord and D&D Beyond, since the Pandemic started! Switched from MapTool to Foundry!

Spotify is usually open for some mood music while we game.

Google Docs Documents with adventures. Spreadsheet DM Screen Campaign Notes Combat Tracking These days Roll20 manages combat but I still have my notes and screen.

DnD Beyond, Tabletop Audio, Notion.

Lazy Dungeon Master and for their Midgard setting, monster books, and Warlock Lair Adventures.

World Anvil for writing, and session planning. Dnd beyond for characters creation and encounter building. Foundry and forge if people want to use digital maps and such for remote play. Discord for chat and messaging sending.

I don`t like to use digital tools at the table, although I do have a Kindle with my PDFs on it. I honestly don`t use a lot of third-party stuff, aside from maps and a custom DM screen.

Roll20, [redacted], [redacted], Discord, DungeonScrawl, Foundry or Roll20, Donjon, notion, and a good condenser mic

Roll20: older campaigns Zoom: newer campaigns Mumble: for Roll20 play voice HeroLab: Pathfinder 1E and Mutants & Masterminds character sheets Worldographer: maps D&D Beyond: 5E character sheets Obsidian Portal: campaign wiki PBworks: campaign wiki

Roll20 & Dungeon Crawler app from Purple Sorcerer.

D&D Beyond, Fantasy Grounds, TokenTool, Google Docs (session notes).

I love for maps and minis, for character generation and sheets, and (which I really just made for myself) for the EPIC SOUNDS! :-D ~Ben

WorldAnvil when I`m Dming. I like to use it for session reports and keeping open tabs on the different possible plots. Nothing as a player just good old pen and paper

The book of lost spells

Discord: for voice, GIFs, & memes Foundry: VTT Dndbeyond: Rules Fight Club 5: iPad PCs for TT play HeroForge: Custom TT PC miniatures DMsGuild: adventures that support indy writers $$ Kindle: Lazy DM stuff!

Tome of Beasts, most definitely.

DnDbeyond, Dwarven Forge, Stat Trackers have all been life savers as a DM

Single most is probably with DnDBeyond getting the honourable mention, but I have about 30 sites bookmarked with generators/mappers/tools with a different mix getting a workout each time I prep.

Roll20 (that _is_ the table), Discord, OneNote. In prep: D&D Beyond, Pinterest.

Lot of the names people have already mentioned, but I use an app called Notion for managing my worldbuilding and campaign data. Interlinking NPC, gazetteer location, and faction tables are extremely useful for building an easily navigable map of my world.

1. 5e Monster Decks (incl Tome of Beasts & Creature Codex) 2. Forged Dice Co GM screen (clips + blank cards keep initiative on top w/ the monster decks) 3. CZYY Spell Template 4. CZYY Condition Rings 5. GameMaster`s Apprentice fantasy deck

Dungeon fog DnD beyond Roll20 Lions Den GM Kobald Press Frog God Games Google meets and documents Discord

Zoom for video and screen sharing Google Keep for my notes and maps for my NPCs

Owlbear Rodeo DND Beyond Zoom Discord Tome of Beasts 1&2 by Kobold Press Creature Codex by Kobold Press Kobold Fight Club Notion Donjon Inkarnate TableTopAudio Foundry VTT Lazy Dungeon Master Workbook

Syrinscape. Seriously if you dont have it and you can get it, do it. Hugely elevates the game quality with little effort.

baby! That`s honestly about it aside from a Google sheet to track the party`s treasure

Fantasy Grounds Unity D&D Beyond Zoom Excel Adobe pdf reader Syrinscape The Monsters Know What There Doing Blog

My Purple Heart tabletop tray and my KIckstarter damage dice

For 5e, Im running the Hither Kingdoms setting from with the Icon system from DnD Beyond for character sheets, monster stats and quick rules reference. Roll20 or Owlbear Rodeo for VTT. Discord for video chat with Groovy for music. Audacity when I need to record audio. Dungeondraft for maps. Fantasy Name Generator and Donjon for bunch of random tables.

The Lazy DM`s Workbook D&D Beyond It trails off from there.

Kobold Fight Club DnDBeyond Kobold Press - Tome of Beasts 1&2, Creature Codex DungeonDraft - by Megasploot Fantasy Calendar Foundry VTT Discord Alchemy Almanac - Heavy Arms Griffons Saddlebag All world & session notes in LegendKeeper I love heaps of 3rd Party Resources

This is my list: - - - Discord - Reddit - Google Docs DnD

Crit cards. Love those.

I switched from Roll20 to FoundryVTT recently and it has become my favourite tool. I will continue to use I once we go back to in-person play.

D&D Beyond and Roll 20, that latter is the bane of my existence though

Tome of Adventure Design

Roll20. Discord for audio only.

Dndbeyond Zoom Dropbox Excel Adobe pdf reader Discord Amazon Music Voicemeeter Banana OBS Trello Obsidian Portal (really leaning into it lately for prep and run, happy with the results)

When I was running games I used the site improved initiative for my encounter creation & combat. Its been updated regularly & is very well built. I also use the app Dicenomicon on iOS for digital dice. Avrae and the Google Sheet

better than minis

A vinyl grid, vis-a-vis markers, and minis. I`m a sucker for the tactile

Zoom, OBS, and for my 5e games.

Slack. Even before the COVID times it was great for messaging secret info to individual players and having a group channel for organizing games

OneNote, Discord, Fantasy Grounds

DnDBeyond Roll20 Printable Heroes Discord Google Drive Notion

DNDBeyond, the Tactical Tokens token creator, Inkarnate, Eigengraus Generator, and the D&D Compendium site

Roll20, Discord, and DnD Beyond

Zoom, improved initiative, and very shortly foundry

Well... it`s a toss up between and both are fantastic, and we wouldn`t be able to play without them!

DnDbeyond, Kobold fight club

Mythic Encounters of Theros and Waterdeep City Encounters!

D&D Beyond, Roll20, discord, YouTube for music, donjon random generators, Strongholds & Followers.

Kobold press books. Roll20 with dynamic lighting.

Roll20, donjon`s various generators (or Archive of Nethys if donjon doesn`t want to work for me), as well as YAPCG (probably moving to Pathbuilder soon, as development seems to have stalled). WorldAnvil for session scheduling, note-taking, and session reports.

Tome of Beasts(I, II) 5e Bestiary, 5e Character, 5e Spells (apps). Incredibly useful.

Discord or Skype, Tome of Beasts &Creature Codex, D&D Beyonds Encounter Builder, & donjon generators. Plus Google image search for any last minute visuals.

Discord for PMs and organization, D&DBeyond for character sheets, Youtube and occasionally Syrinscape for ambience. Since the pandemic, Roll20.

as well!

DNDBeyond, Notion, Discord, and a local music player that I screenshare on Discord to stream music.

mostly, and Hero Lab/ Realm Works.

.@DnDBeyond for sure.

As a DM the 3rd party books I use most are Tome of Beasts (@KoboldPress), Spectacular Settlements (@NordGames), and EN5ider (@Morrus). I`m a Beyond addict for character creation, and have subscribed just to get the unlimited character builds. Also too many mapmakers to mention.

There`s at least 8 tabs of DnDBeyond open whenever I DM an online game. I usually run official adventures form the digital books, then their monster stats section, and finally the encounter builder for sorting out xp.

Playing mostly online right now (duh), but when playing-in person, always If I was rich, I`d probably use a TV with as a battlemap as well, but that`s for a me in a richer life

D&D Beyond and Roll20 (along with Zoom) are the top these days. When we played live games, I used Dynamic Dungeons video editor for tabletop VTT display, alternating using that and 3D printed terrain (mostly from Fat Dragon Games).

Discord and Initiative tracker and a music app. Spotify or YouTube etc.

Strongholds and Followers by MCDM Tome of Beasts 1&2, and Creature Codex by Kobold Press The app Game Master 5th Edition by Lion`s Den Roll20

D&d beyond, discord, owlbear rodeo, and tokens

Dndbeyond. I went full in for that digital toolset and knowledge management system. For current times, paired with beyond20 and a vtt, its a complete gaming system.

Tome of Beasts, Arcana of the Ancients.

Notion Foundry Some pdf reader

Dungeondraft & Owlbear Rodeo

D&DBeyond + Fantasy Grounds, Watabou & donjon random generators. Products like MCDM`s Strongholds & Followers

Roll20, D&DBeyond and Kobold Fight Club to name a few.

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