Whats the biggest gimmick??(Apple/Android) #Apple #Samsung #Android faceid, i

July 16, 2021, 10:57 am
Whats the biggest gimmick??(Apple/Android) #Apple #Samsung #Android faceid, i
Whats the biggest gimmick??(Apple/Android) Apple Samsung Android

faceid, i would take oneplus`s face unlock over that any day

Lol they`re all features. And who tf says 120hz is a gimmick?

lidar and magsafe

All of the above

10 bit display, increase price almost no difference in regular videos, as most of them are shot at 8 bit

120Hz on a phone is like a your favourite food. Everybody wants it, but it can be addictive.

Quad cameras, only if they are 2mp or so. And if it is a monochrome sensor.

The new samsung galaxy A__, now with 6 cameras! The cameras: 2 mp Macro 1 mp Depth 48 mp wide Another 2 mp macro 6 mp ultrawide 5 mp selfie

Tha Biggest Gimmick Is Android Thinks By Addin Every Single Bell n Whistle Makes It InnovativeWhen All I Have Seen Is Them Follow Apples Lead In, Removin Tha Headphone Jack, Removin Expandable Storage, Oh n Callin Zoom Space Zoom, Just Because You Can Dont Mean Ya Should.

-Macro, depth, monochrome etc 2mp shit -Virtual Ram -Higher refresh rate on budget phones - collaboration with other Camera brands

Why should that be a goal?

If someone can`t notice 120hz Their eyes are the biggest gimmick

The iphone itself is a gimmick

Ill be honest: I dont remember the last time I cared about the quality of the pictures I took with my phone.

This guy is a fanboy he keeps shading Apple.

The operating system

4K-8K screens on a phone. Its unecessary.

high megapixel cameras

All of android is a gimmick

A human eye can see 10 million colors But,.... A creator eye can see a billion colors joking

biggest gimmik? 10 bit sounds like a bigger gimmik that that. And it`s time to go past 60hz now

MagSafe, Lidar scanner

10Bit 8 Bit Not much difference in Real life

I went back to Note 10+ from Ultra 21 and the 120hz is just a battery drain. Cool you can swipe .005 seconds faster! That`s such a huge deal.... lmao

Someone tell me how having quad cameras is a gimmick.

quad cameras where other 2 cameras of 2mp are useless

10 bit because I cant see the difference

Besides, wireless charging alone is already a gateway to a portless device - you don`t need MagSafe to make that possible - it already was before it.

FaceID. The most uncomfortable feature, for todays world. It shouldnt even be called feature but Apple forcefully imposong it and iUsers has no choice

10 bit cus no current phone can actually display 10 bit color. You need a professional monitor to do so.

Having a Quad camera system is not a Gimmick, but when an OEM slaps on a 2MPX macro lens and a TOF sensor and tries to pass it off as a professional camera system, then its a problem. MrTechie WeTheTechies

Of these, 10 bit. I use my S21`s OLED HDR10+ screen and can hardly tell a difference between that and a half decent LCD. Better color is better, but it is only so noticeable for me after a certain point. Even my 13 year old TN monitor looks sorta ok. 120 Hz is awesome though.

That`s what people say, but Apple makes a lot of money from `Made for iPhone` accessories - that`s why they have USB-C on iPad but haven`t switched from Lightning on the iPhone.

That the more pixels the better.

So would the quality difference decrease at least between the upcoming s22u and the i13 pro max? Since the first two members of 13 series are leaked to be packed with an LTPO panel!

"Apple ecosystem"

Faster chargers

Periscope lenses on phones

Yes I agree. Cause adaptive refresh rate gives a good balance of battery life and smoothness

8K video only thing I can think of. Maybe LiDAR as well. Im seeing some people say MagSafe is a gimmick but imo it isnt. Id say its halfway from being a gimmick & useful feature. The fact you can just magnetize a battery pack on your phone is really nice.

Do you think adaptive refresh rate is a gimmick? Or just 120hz on all the time?

I would say the magsafe

Quad camera`s not even close

It depends what kind of "Quad cameras" If it`s like the s21 (3x, 10x, main, UW then no. If it`s like any other midrange: macro, depth, UW, main then yes)

Locking at 120Hz all the time is the biggest gimmick on a daily driver! LTPO isnt a gimmick tho!

Reverse wireless charging

2mp Monochrome camera or 2 - 2mp depth and macro Pure gimmick

People choosing 120hz as gimmick

120hz isnt a gimmick, its an advantage 10 bit is hardly noticeable on a phone but its a good upgrade Quad cameras usually indicate that its full of macro cameras which ew no

2MP Useless cameras

120hz is not a glimmick

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