Whatsapp beta for android 2

July 21, 2021, 9:03 am
Whatsapp beta for android 2
WhatsApp beta for Android whats new? WhatsApp is enabling the support for multi-device for more Android beta testers today! Discover how to join multi-device, if your WhatsApp account is eligible to get the feature.

What`s the real point of using multi device if it doesn`t allow 2 phones iOS & Android, or iPad. People like me who use 2 devices (8T & 12) have no use with this. Atleast allow backup from cross platform

Got it! Will it work on the tablet?

And about IOS? When new beta?

How do you meet the requirements?

i kan log in 2 or more android devices?

It`s real! I am super excited to test everything! Thanks When will be available for iPads?

Ready! Received last night!

still don`t get the multi devide beta Finally Already What about iOS Beta Users? :(

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