- when one person on the group chat got

July 2, 2021, 5:26 pm
- when one person on the group chat got
- when one person on the group chat got an Android

least they can communicate.. mfs never satisfied.

I get this from my WHOLE FAMILY

That`s me Note baby! Love them

As someone who has an iPhone I low key feel these iPhones are overrated

Cause it sounds like you do Lmfao nothing Wrong with my Android it`s Krissssspy over here Smh mess everything up. They don`t even realize it either

I make a new group

No one with an Android wants to be part of any group chat.

what`s wrong with that ?

People like them force me to use group me

I simply would not be apart of that group chat

Theyre not even allowed in our group chats

So am I dumped?!? As a lifelong android user who had to recently switch to IOS b/c I dropped my phone in the ocean in Jamaica - Id like to say that Android Is better

Yeah just kick me too

This about to be me. iPhone`s are trash

Violence! Green Power Ranger vibes

Theee WORST! And their phone always creates new chats! Like get outta herrrreee!

Hey I resemble that remark lol

Hey Hey Now...

Hey now That`s me....I`m her..... Android user here......... Always gotta be one

As an Android user You cant quietly exit the group either.

Lmfaoo i just silence that whole damn thang

Exactly. We used to start another thread without em called Blue Bubbles Only.

Fs everything up. Pics and videos be all tiny.

Wow the disrespect is real.. can you still read it???

My reaction as soon as I see green. Get that geeen strip outta here... The green bubble just kill the vibe . You gone learn today!!!

Seriously we have a family group chat iPhones only.

They got deleted. Then went and got an iPhone...lol

I`m that person lol

I`m switching over soon see whats all the hype about!!

Next IPhone screen gonna come sold separately all imma say

Bobby singing our song Cher!!!

I used to be that person until I finally got my first iPhone in 2020

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