When you use an iPhone you realize there is

July 15, 2021, 6:29 pm
When you use an iPhone you realize there is
When you use an iPhone you realize there is indeed Twitter for the poor and Twitter for the Rich. Some features are missing on Android but exclusively available on iOS.

Please leave Samsung out of this. We have way more features than iphones.

Bravin buy S20 or S20/plus , 100k plus and relax

Samsung is efficient, one can get an I phone for only 5k ain`t that special anymore

Not just Twitter,but many tech products are optimized for Apple products.

What i know is that if you rearrange the letters in word "iPhone", it will spell they choose iOS because it is easier to develop UI over there coz they dont have several phones. android niche has several phones with different screen ratio sizes. developing twitter UI & optimisation might be time consuming on android. they start with iphone then android later

Well as long as am in Uganda, I will use an Android phone, even if it`s more expensive than an iphone... Honestly Huawei P40 is a really good android phone.

very true if you check your stuff on iOS and do the same on android it totally different but why?

Including edit button

In simple terms, it`s easier for Twitter to optimise its performance on iOS since there`s only one phone brand using it. For android, the 1000+ brands using the open source OS cannot receive equal user optimization. Its not about class.

Ebu tuone hizo features wameficha for Android users

Highlight some the "features" that are allegedly missing...

You realize you have to buy everything with iphone but you can get free with android

My birthday is on 21st July, be nice.

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