Which Altcoins are undervalued and WHY? List them below

November 15, 2021, 2:02 pm
Which Altcoins are undervalued and WHY? List them below
Which Altcoins are undervalued and WHY? List them below

I suspect its undervalued because of insider trading following an unlock period.

is incredibly undervalued. Fast bridge, many chains already, triple audited, insured, never hacked, deflationary tokenomics, staking without IL or emissions, low max supply (12% already burned), low mc, new UI soon, strong team. Literally the perfect recipe. $relay

and why? Founder of LUKSO is author of erc-20, Mist brower, web3js etc... I recommend you to look at one of his recent interviews explaining LUKSO and specially ERC-725 which he authored also and now he has been improving it and let`s say it will be "quite" huge soon

DeRace Horse racing is a popular and exciting way to gamble. This gem has a lot of runway to go. $208m MC $MIR this is an ultimate gem in the $Luna ecosystem. Mirror protocol allows users to trade/borrow/farm synthetic assets (stocks, funds, bonds) from anywhere in the world.

$CSPR and $MINA CSPR=has already Ethereum 3.0 functions integrated MINA=is the lightest Blockchain, to be intagrated with Twitter and a lot potential for cell phone use due to low storage demand

RDX (Radix). It is a Layer 1 with an amazing team. They`ve been working for years without making noise. Amazing TPS close to 1 million per secone. They are even about to release a new language design for defi (Scrypto). VET & DOT are the unsung heros

I would say...but I haven`t bought in yet.. so I`m applying the lessons of Frontrunning. Lol

$mnw vechain with quant tokenomics already used by coca cola and space x doge flight, $mnw is solving supply chain issues with real customers

$pbx... I think NFT lending platform could be huge

BNB. Price should be 1,300 by now

2-4 year road map Defi, trading, farm yield, NFT, social media platforms

$paper at only a 32mm marketcap, for a p2e metaverse old school GTA vibe game project that will be deployed on and Check out writeup on Medium: $link Chainlink

Stacking $paper like $MATIC because its essential for $ETH development

FIL - 4x away from ATH :)

Without a doubt ! Check that out. Plus all sports NFT deals grab your bag while its affordable Sora and Polkaswap, because Bridges and Parachains not yet implemented. Only Eth (which is expensive) Synthetic stablecoin XSTUSD and Fiat onramp to Dex coming soon.

$RELAY is hitting ath daily tx and just getting started. Devs care about community enough to create unique solutions for single sided staking that rewards holders in GA$ TOKENS. $CHR - a relational blockchain platform. Surprised to not have seen this in the charts/show yet so far. Promising long-term coin

$VRA just partnered with $AXS, patented technology and on Kucoin

Harmony One is criminally undervalued.

Without a doubt $relay!!! Under $25m mkt cap but will be hundreds of millions soon. Bridges are critical infrastructure in an increasingly cross chain world. Go check out their bridge! Its fast, cheap and secure (triple audited) then buy relay, stake it and earn!

$ewt energy web token is the has partnership with all the big energy company in the world ,it will take blockchain in mainstream, great utility mate,$dot eco on board with the team

$RBC Rubic is a multichain bridge that allows swaps between more than 10k tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX & more recently MOVR it is very easy to use as long as you have a metamask account you can swap anything. The narattive will be bridges and RBC isthemost undervalued one

$relay is a leading defi bridge with unique tokenomics. Bridge fees are used for buybacks and single sided staking rewards which are paid in gas tokens. Stake relay, earn $avax, $movr, $matic! Trades at 5x p/e compared to peers at ~100x. Their community is growing $rivrfloki (market cap 200k ) and $rivrkitty (market cap 2 million ). these meme coin are available on which is a official Dex on $movr.Moonriver chain is like what Binance chain in beginning.Get in before the crowd.

Epik Prime Clearppool Taraza Centric Swap

$paper, no doubt: Most promising P2E metaverse community (DAO) project w NFTs ($dope) and FIRST on , lots of upcoming coders, solid backers like involved, mojo & groove are for real!

$WAXP Computing blockchain for games and NFTs, music etc... $FKX 100xgem too much utility and too good of tokenomics and too great of a team to be as low as it is.

How does Ran talk so much about bridges, yet hasnt discovered the best one? $RELAY is so undervalued!

XRP is the most undervalued crypto. It`s going to change the complete financial system very soon. It`s a real shame if people don`t have it in their portfolio.

Harmony (one) cross chain

must be relay

$RELAY is the only bridge youll need.

Dough, you Will soon see this project everywhere. It has a utility that are en huge demand $RELAY. Incredible bridge connecting 11 chains and counting. Transactions growing substantially, safe (triple audited) and fast (70% transactions under 5 mins). Earn $AVAX, $MOVR, $MATIC, for staking $RELAY. bestbridge bridgeszn

VRA. Patented tech solving a 100+ billion fraud issue and thats only one part of the business. Big things brewing

and know it as they have invested

QNT: Total supply + Interoperability =


$rkitty on Moonriver just listed on cg & debank, 2x mc in the last hourrumblings of bitmart listing this week. Huuuuuuuge

$Scream is the lending platform of $FTM

Definitely our beloved Vet

Vra just announcement partnership with AxieInfinity, this is going to be best performing project

but you guys should know ABOUT It because Banter Capital invest in them

There was time when DFYN was a part of this thread

$MNST moonstarter Awesome launch pad that is bringing out some really cool projects and its still ONLY 14 mill Market cap. easy 10x over next few month plus by owning the token you get to participate in the IDO launches. Thank me later

$WAXP The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the world`s most proven and eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games and collectibles.

$FWT About the right value for now however its early days for this altcoin The utility for this coin is excellent snd the long term prospects are great The team is dedicated snd professional Great roadmap@etc So long term profit will be brilliant $QNT will solve the problem of the interoperability. Big money is coming

$BUTTHOLE Protocol. Undervalued because it smells good


INJ because they`re will be the biggest Dex in the world!!!

$VXV good project, good team. Get listing this weak on kucoin - did -50% from the top. Massiv undervalued!!

$MOVR market cap $810M TVL on $MOVR $657M TVL is 3/4 of market cap? What would happen if $400M liquidation program launches? Never seen major L1s having more TVL than market cap. See my profile for more updates.

one wallet to rule them all

$Weyu they have a great project and doing great things they just dont know how to market well and get the exposure they need

* * * * * * * TACLets go to the moon! biggolddoge * * * * * * * TACLets go to the moon! biggolddoge KADENA because its the only scalable PoW blockchain and scalability is infinite. Plus, KADENA solved the trillema triangle

$cisla is undervalued and supercheap. Worth checking out cryptoisland they are buying a real island, which will be owned by their holders.

xrune & sunny

$PAPER in game currency of it is GTA on metaverse building with unbuilding in coming days. Check this article about this P2E game chart looking bullish. 4 hour chart shows a breakout. Maybe a retest then lift off in my opinion! Not financial advice. 1A. Great community! 1B. Defi 2. Autostaking 3. Deflationary 4. Certik Audited 5. Legal DAO 6. NFT 7. 1% Distribution Buy/Sell HOGEeverywhere low supply , very hardworking team, 100x potential.

Surely XRP is the K I N G of being undervalued! And for obvious reasons!

Sunny Aggregator Base on Solana Market cap 5m TVL 1+B Is on But soon will be listed on Binance and others exchange.

$HNT HELIUM is creating the first decentralised peoples network with 5G partnerships with DISH recently and many more already using the network. Its growing exponentially day by day and its still super undervalued + it has investments from smart money. DYOR HNT

website: $ELX price = $0.037 market cap = $5M locked = 595M 119M of 714M in circ Uniswap: Pancakeswap: Telegram: Q4 = Enterprise Deployment, on track 2022 $AVXL! When $AVAX explodes then the launchpad on it will run as well! It also gives airdrops like what happens on $LUNA

$SHA... Read: I think Ultra ... blockchain gaming has so much room to grow and this could be an integral part of it.

$Luna , because its $Luna

$MATIC honestly. I just dont get why people are not pushing it.

Sounds like all of them

$IMX -> eth layer2 enabling 0 gas fees for trading nfts! $MOVR but you guys know that already;) much love

$Hapi - use case and supply and 1/5 burn happening in Dec

$EGC is so early. Reflection rewards like no other project. $SNOOD Designed and expertly coded from the ground up ERC777 true DAO in the works. Not just another memecoin $Taboo my friend. Small mkt cap and HUGE future comming. Gorgeous mkt place will be launch in november 23, and listing at in few days. The future (present) of adult entertainment. TabooNFT TabooToken

$saito new roadmap just released, still so early, great visions

$OMI because they migrate to $IMX and big exchanges are coming once completed

$FISH of Verasity - already revenue generating games platform with distinct patented Proof Of View technology to avoid ad manipulation by bots. Latest partnership with AxieInfinity

$XHV because the need of privacy is underestimated

OMI almost the only crypto with a real working product, working with the biggest brands in de world of NFTs

winklink win It has a unique usecase. Bet in sports and earn! bet365. Nice dev team. Most undervalued oracle based token. Waiting for it to bring more games. GameFi Future currency of offline casinos in LasVegas. Currency of casinos in meta verse. Decentraland sandbox

$LTC growing in news but not in price, at least not the same trend/tempo And it`s been like that for a LAWNG ass time. Time for gains let`s go $LTC

$AMPL looks very interesting and is at a very reduced price.

CUDOS starting to pick up pace $ramp great project with a good working product much better UI than many Defi giants. Big news on the horizon

Iv been backing this project for a while its had a bit of a parabolic run already but MC still sub 100 million and the reason for the pump is backed by real news and utility the AWS of crypto. You have to check it out. DYOR $Joe does more trading vole than Sushi but is 1/10th the mc - it`s avax`s 1 dex and has the freshest UX/UI of anything out there + incredible community. $Spell is managing the fastest going us-pegged stable coin DOA $MIM $Argo will go to 500MIL mc sooner than you think. $woof is best meme coin on SOL and still has a less than 50m MC! ORCA dex announcement this week too! IOTA because of zero fee

TELcoin - remittance market size, strong executive team with lots of experience, major innovation with V3 to send money smarter for unbaked. Goodbye Western Union.


SRK- Has a wallet, gaming platform for blockchain games, Defi that allows staking, borrowing and lending etc

Please bless me with a Banter bag!

$VRA - look at his partners and patents

$luna $kda and $qrdo

amazing project with a 40mil mk. liquidity staking bridge.

It`s like you don`t want your community to make money. $QRDO Are about to come out with huge announcements Check out the last tweet of the COO. And do some diligence about him and his connections

U know it freddy... and it,s $Trias

It`s a joke that you`re not talking about QRDO

$QANX $TRIAS, $ACE, $TFUEL and $VRA These one should explode!!!

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