Which #crypto do you want to see trending on

October 5, 2022, 3:16 pm
Which #crypto do you want to see trending on
Which crypto do you want to see trending on Twitter today?

$TOKO n $BTC the only project that can make u be a billionaire. DCA every week/month. I always commitment to buy every week/month using my salary. Especially $TOKO want to launch their NFT games in the end of years

$TOKO $TOKOIN is growing very fast. They kept building in silent. Many great project will come on $TOKOIN like NFT games. Also dont forget to download T-Wallet on IOS/Android. U can get many great feature on there

Just wanna tell you that the next crypto trending is metaverse and green energy project. Matic, c4e & sand are some examples

I`d like to see trending on Twitter this week. The streaming platform has been firing up on all cylinders even in this bear market, as they intend to revolutionize the traditional boardgames industry, turning it into a streaming & socially interactive video games.

Well $XPR was trending hard the last few days, so would love to see it keep trending

Saw $AVAX $APTOS trending on my TL earlier, I want $MILE to trend next

I appreciated the work of and on their new car called Illuvous Void so I want to see them trending on Twitter today.

Should I stress it every day? Alright! This coin has been around since last November, and is still live, project looking super solid they working hard behind they started as a PROJECT and are right now a real COMPANY! $GLE GREEN LIFE ENERGY EverRise $RISE

Cult Rvlt is always trending regardless the market conditions! can you make it $WBT?

It`s time to accumulate more $YLA during this dip .. it`s tge best time to stake and earn up to 31% APY while staking together with $CVP... defi blockchain

The only one trending everyday is sir

all i wanna see is only crogecoin

$dfx always and forever

Of course from $TOKO which must be trending every day

Croge is always trending I already see the right coins in the trend.

CPTLC BODAV2 FairPlay would be some great ones!!! NFA but go take a degens busd REWARDS

I will like to see more and more of $SYS and the wonderful upgrade it`s carrying out on its network. $SYS is one I have researched overtime and I say the ecosystem is topnotch and with a very strong community. Its fundamentals is solid with a competitive roadmap.

I really wish that trends on Twitter today, as Gamestar+ will bring the next revolution to the online gaming industry by putting the Netflix convenience, the Hollywood magic, and the game night social experience all at your fingertips.

Love croge Crogecoin Best meme on Cronos

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