Which is a good Android buy? Huawei P40 lite

July 29, 2021, 3:38 pm
Which is a good Android buy? Huawei P40 lite
Which is a good Android buy? Huawei P40 lite Huawei P Smart Samsung A31

Not bad, there`s nothing to complain about yet

Theres a phone brand called Xiaomi. They have the best Android phones.

All I can say is that Huawei it`s a Chinese phone ,


Samsung s10e

Go for Redmi note 10 pro.. I`m currently using Samsung A32 but I`d change it for the note 10 pro without hesitation

But you only mentioned one Android phone though, Huawei no longer runs Android

I moved from Iphone to Samsung. I regret.. I want to try Huawei P40 now..

Depends what do you want, mina when I choose a phone I look at picture quality and space cause I like taking pictures and videos...

Ai this thing of Huawei not being part of google anymore is problematic. Great phones, but I`ll go for a Samsung next time

Compare them on gsmarena

No android is a good android to buy

My Samsung fell out the window from a moving taxi and it was fine, the H brand though yohhh

Dont buy the H brand, you cough and your screen cracks, you sneeze, the ink spills all over

Huawei P40 lite and PSmart 2021 are the same honestly - Samsung A31 is a Huawei P Smart 2020 that was dumb but would pass a grade.

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