Which one are you using? 1

January 30, 2021, 7:57 am
Which one are you using? 1
Which one are you using? 1. iPhone 2. Samsung 3. Infinix 4. Tecno 5. Nokia 6. Huawei 7. Vivo 9. Oppo 10. Itel

Android na Android, iPhone na iPhone. I dey use Samsung shaa

Watin concern you wit my phone

Very Nice wollah, efficiency, durable nice looking and unpredictable.

I think u made a mistake in ur list Samsung is supposed to be d first followed by iphone Chinese phone Hmmm many will say iPhone dont forget twitter shows iPhone or android toh

I cant see the name of the phone am using

My own no dey inside.

Its straight forward ai! If u remove the first one, the remaining are Twitter for Android period

You good or I? You love love love your phone. I have a line to heaven, visitors quite often and one or more not left I alone, you be good? Or I???

11 sicho Na my phone be that

Multilink and starcome

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