Which one would you pick? #Pixel7Pro or #iPhone14ProMax ?

October 9, 2022, 3:41 pm
Which one would you pick? #Pixel7Pro or #iPhone14ProMax ?
Which one would you pick? Pixel7Pro or iPhone14ProMax ?

I`ll pick the phone from which the picture is captured

14 pro max all the way with the more sensible and convenient features rather than lots of gimmicks

It would depend on which one has the best battery life and screen resolution for me

Pixel 7 Pro looks bunch nicer imo. Didnt expect the new camera bar to look so good.

The one without any scratches.

The iPhone 14 pro max. I will sell it and use the money to buy laptop of 300k and keep almost 500k in my account.

14 pro max with no hesitation

Leave the phones you need to level up your water intake %

Can`t argue with Android OS!

Send your iphone to my home! Then only I will choose

There The one without the apple logo. Always. I want to use my phone as I see fit and not be hold back by a company

Waiting for the review of Pixel 7 Pro to make the decision.

This exact color and variant purely from design standpoint Both. I would like to suffer with b o t h.

less is more imo In India According to pricing pixel pro seems better. Outside India 14pro max no doubt.

Neither. I wanna be present when surrounded by friends.

I will pick the Pixel 7 pro Just the glossy back ehn

iPhone. Only because I`ve never had one and would be interested to use it after many years on Android.

Obviously the Pixel

Which one can use an Apple Watch Ultra?

Not sure. They`re both awesome!

Pixel 7 Pro any day! For the price of the iPhone14 Pro Max, I`d rather get a Macbook Pro.

14 Pro Max. iPhone will always be the best smartphone on the market

7 pro much cheaper so ye why not

When we have got a chance to lift, then we will lift both of them.

iPhone bc probably better camera and processor

Good heavens, that Pixel looks so ugly. Not for me! But if folks like it, no problem.

I`m an apple fan and I got an iphone 12 pm rn but 14 ain`t it so pixel 7 pro for this year

Isn`t this comparison a little unfair?

those different sized lenses look awful Apple anything is a hard pass.

Ill stick with apple

I`ll go for Pixel7Pro

Looks alone, the silver camera bump I`d hideo, the 6 pro looked way better

I would say 14PM but the super res zoom in pixel

am I the only one that got the iPhone 14 in blue.. specifically because the dynamic island is kind of ugly? I feel the notch is actually better and I was never one of those people that constantly complained for apple to remove the notch

Which one is more heavier ?

Team Samsung when i upgrade, i wanna upgrade, not downgrade to iPhone or pixel. iPhone is a buggy mess and pixel is an overheating mess.

Only l love stevejobs I love apple

The Pixel is getting there but the iPhone is always more reliable. Id choose the iPhone 14 Pro Max over the Pixel 7 Pro - but the Pixel holds a special place in my heart.

iPhone no contest. Its just better. Apple ecosystem is way better than google.

Aka: Which device do you want to perform 24/7 surveillance of you by?

the lord knows I`m picking pixel7pro.

Pixel is no brainer

I already picked. 14 Pro Max sitting next to me.

Iphone 14 ProMax anyday

Pixel 7 pro without an inch of a doubt..

Got two Numbers, so can pick up both

iphone mate..i have had enough experience with android, never ended well

pixel7Pro. No limits. Google-chrome, Android-Pixel.Plays with reality

Pixel7Pro and iPhone14Pro don`t have any competition as such. If you are using Android currently then if you switch to iPhone you will miss Android, and if you are current iOS user then certainly you are going to miss simplicity of iOS when you get stuck with Android.

the iphone for sure

I have iPhone XR , and I think about pixel, because on android I can do everything, install others apk. On iPhone I cant.

I`m happy with my ROG 6, but still if picking was a case I would choose because Android is love lol.

I can pick both, if you are giving me

Pixel 7 for the win

Both these colors make the phones look understated (not in a good way)

Pixel is cheaper and at par with the expensive IPhone

Pixel.... iPhone is getting boring these days, unfortunately

Can`t wait to get a Pixel 7

I think just by looking at it we can establish which one is the best

iPhone any day but this Pixel7 series are so nice

I hate purple, personal choice of course.

For looks, Google, for ability and ios, Apple.

The pixel is the way to go

Definitely Pixel7Pro its so much better then iPhone

Send me both so I could use them and pick.

already have an 13P, now i want a Pixel

Can I say both I just wish the camera array of the Pixel was Matte

Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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