Which phone wins the crown

September 23, 2022, 2:39 am
Which phone wins the crown
Which phone wins the crown for living up to the phone Ultra/Pro expectation? If you want to answer which one didn`t, that would be great as well.

These two For me Ultra takes it man, it`s just on another level of consistency.

iPhone 14 Pro Max overall

Im in the Apple Wall Garden, and loving it!

Samsung it even has the word Ultra in it jk aside can`t say since not tried the others

I`m saying the S22U, hands down. And after A13 the Pixel 6 Pro would be next. iPhone 14 Pro has been a bit of a let down so far.

I don`t think you can really pick one over any other. I think everyone has their own definition of what Ulta or Pro means to them. For ME, flexibility means EVERYTHING that`s why I would choose Samsung over ANY brand every time.

Im surprised Isheeps are less. I mean people have started to think differently...

The S22U it`s rally elegant and futuristic. The 14 Pros still the same than 3 years ago except for the pill which it`s also old design. The Pixels 6 may be less powerful, but the design isn`t really original and the software is beautiful. For me, Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best.

I expect that Vivo 90Pro+ will be best Android of 2022. At list I want to believe. Between those 3, best iPhone, worst pixel, easy choice.

Id go S22U without a doubt.

S-pen and Dex, s22U is way to go for me... 10X telephoto, boxier design and cheaper screen replacement is also a good add-on

This monster Its only between the Galaxy and the iPhone. Sticking to my gut with the 14 Pro Max cuz of its battery life and performance

I want the s22 ultra in matte black

The Pixel 6 and S22 Ultra

I can only get Exynos version of s22 series. so for me its Pixel 6 pro. I can imagine dynamic island will be so attension seeker. like getting notification and always on display would be feeling like "Uh I got notification" so P6P

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G - still a champ, would always be!

Galaxy S22 Ultra is best smartphone of the year 2022 .

These phone are Excellent on their own but in my opinion: 1.S22 Ultra 2.Iphone 3.Pixel 6 pro....(ranks)

I used a 12 pro max(havent used 14 and not interested) /a pixel 6/ a s22 ultra/ a s21 ultra all in the same year ... the 12 pro max I used back in January and s21 ultra I`m using currently are neck and neck. The s22 ultra battery worked against it and the pixel 6 was the pixel 6

It`s suprising and amazing how highly y`all think of the S22U. There`s hope for the universe

Def. the Snapdragon S22Ultra takes the win !

S22 Ultra for sure, the price to performance is hard to beat.

For ultra/pro crown? There`s only one possible pick here and that`s note 22!

The Pixels did not, thats for sure.

Galaxy. A Pro should offer and be capable of more. The iPhone Pro offers the user no tangible benefits, just some aesthetic enhancements. The Ultra has some genuine additional features, such as the S Pen.

Easy win for S22 Ultra The phone of the year i would say

S22 ultra, love mine

Let the 7 series come to the competition

S22 Ultra for me. Spen in a phone still surprises me lol. We all know about the camera versatility. All the midrangers with pro ultra names do not deserve it like realme 9 pro Special mention 1) 13/14 pro max - Battery 2) Vivo X80 pro - the night cameras 3) all foldables.

S22 Ultra is the winner

I have mixed feelings about all of these phones!

Where is the Vivo X80 Pro. I hear it has a good camera and software Since its not here the S22U takes the crown

S22 ultra, as much as I love the pixel 6 pro, it just isn`t the same level without the 10x optical zoom, and the spen. Those alone make it a very "ultra" phone

S22 Ultra. While the iPhone has a much faster chipset, the S22 Ultra has the feature set I need for my workflow.

i`ll say s22u deserve the crown

Samsung deserves the name "ultra"

Overall is S22 ultra has more camera features and an S pen, a wonderful display with a boxy design and unique design but iPhone is better in processor and video quality, also Google Pixel is so good at skin tone and HDR but I choose S22ultra

The S22 Ultra lived up to my expectations, the Pixel 6 Pro didn`t live up to my expectations

S22U has my vote. If I needed a professional phone for work its will be that one. The other two are just fun and boring to me.

this is a super tricky question to answer tbh

I`m going with the fold 4

If the S22 Ultra changes the chip to 8+Gen1, then it wins.

I think the SamsungGalaxyS22Ultra is the epitome of a Pro phone, at least until the GalaxyZFold series has the same type of cameras and built in sPen

easy win to pixel 6 for overall better value for money

Pixel is shit compared to other two ! Other 2 are the best of the best for 2022

S22U and Sony Xperia PRO are the only 2 phones worthy of the pro name.

Google pixel is my love

I loke iOS and the iPhone but ultra fits the name better for sure.

22 ultra for speed, pictures, fun 13 pro max for battery, smoothness, and ready to use functionality

Im rolling with S22 Ultra. iPhone made some cool upgrades, but I think overall smart phones have reached their peak or close to it. Same thing people are saying about the 14 theyll be saying about Pixel 7 & S23. Very minor upgrades until new tech gets developed

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is still the champ by a long shot.

So we`re not including the number of features. Like Samsung is chock full of them, Pixel moderately and iPhones sparingly depending on perspective. Overall I would say iPhone PM with S22U a close second. The Pixel third. All based off my personal experience with the devices.

You cant miss owning any one of the three.

My highest expectations came for the S22 Ultra which although with updates has gotten better, but the battery life holds it back imo. The 14 pro max is decent but havent had it for enough time to pass judgement. The pixel series is really interesting imo but I havent used it.

What`s the criteria for ultra/pro?

After much observation and research S22 Ultra. Note 22. If you want bells and whistles and for them to be done well, you grab the Note.

Just got the iPhone 14 Pro today and am loving it so far

I think the S22 Ultra deserves this title , it`s everything Samsung can offer in that form factor. Pixel 6 Pro is great , but not quite as feature complete nor rich as the Samsung. iPhone 14 Pro deserves that title as well , the best apple can offer

What would I say? You thought I was going to say iPhone? I love my iPhones but I know its weaknesses and the better overall device that can honestly hold the Ultra name is the S22U. Im not that much of a sheep.

All three do. But that doesnt mean they are equal.

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