Who did MATTE BLACK better ?? #Apple or #Samsung

July 11, 2021, 10:54 am
Who did MATTE BLACK better ?? #Apple or #Samsung
Who did MATTE BLACK better ?? Apple or Samsung Image credit:


samsung looks like a power bank?!??

Both colors are unique and turned out tremendously well but in my opinion Samsung wins this comparison because of the great camera module

Honestly, I have seen better black phones before. But out of the two, I prefer S21U`s.


For now, Samsung makes matte black better. Apparently the Graphite iPhone 13 is closer to black, but

Apple all time

I would choose...........iPhone.....I think

The iPhone 12

I think with their sandstone finish in their first phone did it best! Nothing beats the confidence of a tight grip & the comfort of a smudge free surface!

Ask the expert Samsung camera module w/ this colour

Iphone is the best.. Iphone is the best ...

Samsung for the win

The only iPhone that actually got matte black in the iPhone 7+ and they called it jet black.. all other iPhones are not even black and called space gray. Obviously samsung

Have both phones Samsung much better video recording camera screen and battery life both phones look amazing

this nonsensical smartphone war is getting old.

Don`t get me wrong I like Samsung but Apple wins here


Samsung definitely

Apple of course Apple

they`re the same colour

Apple fan beaches! Open your iPhone! Beaches I said open not unlock! Unscrew, open it up! Oh that`s Samsung, oh that`s also Samsung . That screen is also Samsung.

can`t you tell, because twitter for iphone

it`s because it`s just straight up better

Agreed, they look good, very competitive devices

Samsung absolutely did it better in terms of everything and Samsung`s finish is true Matt black and apple`s is sort of a space grey rather than black. Samsung WINS.

iPhone is not matte black, even apple calls it grey. So... Wrong comparison in first place.

By the way, I liked samsungs black. I wish they bring it to their mid range. Because, these giants are an overkill for my usage pattern.


Samsung is the best in both camera ,display, back black color it just kill apple

Samsung Black is my favorite

Apple isnt actually Black. Its more close to grey

200+ Likes in Tweet !!! Awesome

Both are worse.

the fruit

samsung... they nailed the black aesthetic with the s21

Samsung does the Matte black better, colour looks good. the iPhone is too grey to be black.


If you ask matte black it`s of course samsung S21 ultra, as iPhone some what grey. So I would call it as unfair comparison

Its a tuff one for sureSamsung by a hair since its more unique.

S21 ultra phantom black,of course.The best black phone ever.

Samsung did it better

It`s a tough game...both r amazing

Apple 12 Pro is not black, but Graphite colour!


apple one looks kinda gray in real life

Not the 12 Pro. The matte black of the iPhone 5 the best color of all time.

Looks is one thing. Samsung Dex is another. Apple still selling Mac books when Samsung phones are phones and desktop computers.

Is this even a thing to ask? Samsung ofc

Apple`s black is less black than Samsung`s. Samsung design looks much much better

Samsung done it better

Black ?????

I hate to make you cry even more buddy, but shipped is not sold! Hence the reason Samsung`s phones tank every year while Apple`s iPhones are the best selling phones worldwide. Which makes you as laughable as Samsung`s broke buds compared to AirPods that own the market. Im using an iPhone 12 Pro but Samsung wins this hands down, way better looking phone front and back

They sell a lot of phones for $150 - $250, because not everyone can afford a $1200 smartphone. But it means nothing... Samsung doesn`t even have a premium phone in the top 10 best-selling smartphones.

Samsung gets this one.

Samsung. Without a doubt.

Samsung wins this one.

Samsung if course, most people consider the black S21U to be the best black phone, also the black OnePlus 9 Pro

Apple, who just sold over 100 million iPhone 12`s, or Samsung, who`s known in the tech industry for shamelessly copying Apple, and got named and shamed for tweeting about the Galaxy S21`s Unpacked event from an iPhone? Samsung pulled this stuff right and tight like a spin of wool. I like the fact that Samsung master coasted this and made it elegantly overwhelming.

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