Who uses AOD on their smartwatch? Yes

October 9, 2022, 6:22 pm
Who uses AOD on their smartwatch? Yes
Who uses AOD on their smartwatch?

Yes. The new astro watchface is awesome! AppleWatch

Does this qualify I do on my Apple Watch Series 7

I don`t have this feature on my Mi band 5....

My point exactly. Plus I think the watch just looks better with a black screen until you raise it.

@iSpitRealShyt to see the time*

Is always on really necessary on a watch though?

AOD should be a basic feature for smartwatches. We dont always lift to see the time

Me , I just charge it every night.

Uses AOD on smart band

Me. Always active when someone`s nearby. (Motion Sense on Pixel 4)

I like classic watch so havent took any smartwatch as daily driver yet

I do all the time. Love it

It`s gud but comsumes too much battery so I prefer rise to wake up

Nope , Using Raise to Wake in Galaxy Watch 4

Raise to wake is far better than AOD

All amoled screen type phone .but not the apple

Can`t since I have OG SE

I have been using AOS on my galaxy watch. It burned my screen.

HUAWEI GT 3 its really nice with AOD Its enabled on my AW Ultra because it still gets plenty of battery life. Its usually disabled on my S6.

Raise to wake works flawlessly on Samsung watch Active 2. So dont use AOD, save quite a bit of battery. I do, but on fenix 7, so no OLED display.

I can`t turn mine off. It`s on permanently.

I turn off AOD on everything but my smartwatch.

I`ve started using it now the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a much better battery. Looks sick!

Just using an Apple Watch SE, so there is no AOD but the raise to wake is on point and so I dont think there is a need to use AOD and just save the whatever amount of battery that saves.

I use it sometimes

Raise to Wake works perfectly fine for me.

I do. It turns off during night with my bedtime routine

It`s pretty cool on the amazfit gtr 3 pro, but in some watch faces as pretty as they might be, if it doesn`t come with a good aod I don`t use it. I do. Active 2. Lasts about 2 to 2.5 days with sleep tracking

Raise to wake works well in my watch, so no

I use it on my mi smart band 7

Me, because raise wrist to wake isn`t reliable

On the Ultra I have it on cause the battery last days and I dont need sleep tracking. As I know how to sleep.

Moi, have an Amazfit Verge from 2018

Turned it off to preserve whatever battery I can.

Not me and thats why I stuck with my Nike SE Apple Watch I get 2 and a half days without charge but Im the type of person to charge my devices when I shower during the day and keeps my devices always juiced up. But love the design of the ultra watch well I guess the flat panel

yes, i use the smart AOD function so it only switches the AOD when its on my wrist and switches off when taken off and when sleeping

I hope no one lol

I have 2500 HMT watch

Only occasional on my Apple Watch.

yep on my Fitbit versa 2 I no longer have

Me. All the time, except on Sleep focus mode and while at the movies

Of course thats the whole point of a watch glanceability

The battery roughly last 1.5 days and use the typograph watch face with black background and white font so that gives a full screen look without borders

Not me. Its pointless, personally. One has to turn their wrist towards them to look at the watch Anyway which turns on the display. So why have it always on when youre not looking at it?

Raise to awake

I dont have smartwatch

i do (series 6)

I do... I use AOD on everything that has AOD on it

I never use . Raise to wake is just awesome on galaxy watch 4

I have it ON on both my phones.

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