Whoever thinks this game is a 64 rated is

August 2, 2021, 2:34 am
Whoever thinks this game is a 64 rated is
Whoever thinks this game is a 64 rated is on some BS TheAscent XboxShare

Change that.. I did feel Days Gone was underrated.

I would say it deserves 74 not 64!

It`s the corrupt media following the "Xbox bad Playstation good" narrative and it`s really sad. The Ascent is a ARPG masterapiece

If you think a game is trash, then its trash.

Great game, but it keeps crashing on my Xbox One S

Playing on Xbox its fun, feels and looks like a cyberpunk game, my only problem is the game crashed a few times. 4 out of 5 Stars

You`re right this game Absolutely garbage Can`t even complete the story

Dude this game is amazing. I can`t get enough of it! 64 really! Dude is on crack!

Thaaaaank you! Im so glad that people are giving it a chance, its so good

Other than the shooting feeling off the theme is dope. Any tips on shooting?

Hope MS no longer give review copies to metro that 30 is some bullshit

Is that Danny Devi to doing the voice?

Again, Dead Nation and Alienation got similarly put down. I think reviewers just dont like good twin stick shooters of this style.

I think its fine. I probably would put it at a 7 w/o co-op partners, and a 7.5 with. But I am enjoying it. Its tough though because FS has taken most of my gaming time recently.

Outside a few encounters, the game is a ton of fun and beautiful to look at.

The gameplay reminds me of Housemarques Nex Machina...and that game was the shitttttt

I don`t care about no scores, written, or video reviews, gameplay footage etc..only thing that tells me how good is a game is my personal experience. Period.

At least Steam has Mostly Positive with almost 3K reviews. Even the audience score on Metacritic is higher than the critics score.

Im enjoying it. Its a nice change of pace for me.

Set the audio to indent mode an. You walk thru the city an the chatter from NPCs talking with each other n all the other sounds you hear are amplified. Gives you the sensation of actually walking thru the city. How it plays on your ears is something else..awesome!!

Look great. I still think gameplay needs tweaking. Ill jump back in after a few patches.

I agree. Ive been playing this game nonstop and my gawd Im having a blast. This game is easily a 8 for me despite with its bugs Ive experienced.

This game is sweet as hell

Like the one reviewer who gave quantum break a two. I`m sure that guy didn`t have a agenda.

To be fair it`s only a 64 mc bc 1 critic gave it a 30. W/o that score it would`ve averaged out a lot better. Most of the negatives across good & ok reviews were about the bugs. Which was fair. But also fixable. Not very many reviews made this seem like a bad game at all.

This game proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that reviews are absolutely pointless. Clearly many sites dont even play the games. Also a certain amount of bias exists. Whether its against Xbox or certain indie developers. It just doesnt make any sense to have such low scores.

So Destruction All-star metacritic scores doesn`t matter too?

Its actually not too bad so far.

Once the Halo Infinite flight ends I`ll be jumping on it. Hearing nothing but good things about it.

You`re right about the score: although I have experienced some bugs but the game definitely deserves a second look.

If they only make the camera angle like returnal this game would be around 85-90..

Its a great game but the bugs really get to you in co-op. Getting some hours in on solo.

Did you believe Days gone was underrated as well?

I`m loving the game so far brother.

I still think the media is out to get some games. It explains how unfair they are to something like this while giving favourability to true stinkers like LOU 2.

Ill play it eventually.

Great game, really enjoying it so far, solid 8/10 from me.

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