Whose approach is better for smartwatch customization? Vote for

October 10, 2022, 4:17 pm
Whose approach is better for smartwatch customization? Vote for
Whose approach is better for smartwatch customization? Vote for your preference: Apple Watch or Pixel watch?

U can`t cross buy them anyway. If u have iPhone u only got the one but if u have android u would have few option.

I know one thing. That a smart watch needs to be rectangular on shape because screen tech has not improved to the extent of making the text curve into the circular edges. I don`t know if I`m making sense.

I love minimalistic design.....That`s why i choosed pixel watch

They are better than my Samsung Watch when it comes to customisation

Sorry pixels is better, mistakenly voted for apple.

Pixel Watch looks so outdated to me especially that Thick Bezels while Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch is bezel less and modern looking

If you have an Android phone then Pixel watch

I will stick with my Huawei watch

I offered no excuse. Im just saying its too early in the Pixel watch life cycle to compare it to a matured Watch. Depending on the audience the watch is the standard and to others there are others, but they all have been in the marketplace already.

I find the the pixel watch phone interface easier for customization.

If you own an Android theres no reason to buy an watch so this comparison isnt correct. Compare it with Galaxy watch to be fair. Also watch is an exceptional product for users.

But the Pixel watch isnt out yet and technically its their first iteration, so its an uneven comparison.

It seems that Google chose violence and ripped off Galaxy Wearable app`s UI. WTF?

Well Apple watch app is clean and simple also it`s easy to customize watch face, yet I prefer classic watch over smartwatch.

Google implements all the application so easy to use that even a Novice user can find it easy to feels more transparent and there`s Apple that is just opposite of this..They make it difficult to understand the settings

Tbh the Pixel watchs layout looks kinda like the Apple Watch one. But of course, Apple has had more time to develop its customization UI, so it looks more modern and unique right now.

I wanna the puxuru watch in real life to judge.

Any day better by the looks of it. Pixel got some work to do seriously

Can`t, haven`t experienced any of the smart watches but as looks wise i liked pixel watch

I would appreciate if you leave a comment supporting your choice

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