Why do Apple users think split screen in a

January 30, 2022, 10:26 pm
Why do Apple users think split screen in a
Why do Apple users think split screen in a phone is unusable? Is it just because they haven`t had it? For me putting YouTube on the top quarter of the screen and Twitter or something else on the bottom is super useful. Our tall screens have only made it better.

Im hoping the S22U is it.. I had hopes for the Pixel. I definitely will get another Android device soon.

I don`t think it has anything to do with usability. It has everything to do with compatibility. Some devs still refuse to use auto layout. Until you have consistency there, you`ll have many third party apps handle this poorly. Also, some idioms like tab bars don`t translate well.

I mean, I guess it could be useful on the iPhone. I didnt really use it much on my Samsung devices mainly because it seemed - to me - that it drained the battery super quick and heated up the device. This might not be the case anymore though. It did discourage me from using it

It seems to not be a problem when using the Magic Keyboard (as Im right now) - it might be useful to have portrait split screen for when hand held.

I use Pip all the time.. I find it more convenient. Im on the iPad Pro right now watching a video on Pip matter of fact. Split screen is useful but a more rare situation for me I think last time I used split screen mightve been tax time last year

In Apple`s current lineup, the smallest screen size is 4.7". Without the home button, it`s 5.4". On screens those screens, split screen would be unusable. So, implementing it for screen sizes 6.1" and above would create a fragmented experience. I`m sure they have given it some...

Don`t you have PiP for this now?

I dont think its unusable. I think its quite useful. Theres a lot you can do in terms of proper multitasking. Like watching a tutorial while you sketch at the bottom of the screen. I wonder why Android people think Apple people think this way.

Apple hasn`t even figured out split screen video on iPadOS let alone iOS I enjoy using split screen on my Android phones, I feel the reason Apple users done appreciate it is because they haven`t had it like you said.

I only used it a few times. Imo it`s not that important feature.

Apple will never any new features beacuse of these type of users Id probably use it if I had it, but for YouTube I just use PIP. Then I can move it around as I need to.

Ive had it.. think its useless because - for example - that use case on YouTube - I can do that without split screen YouTube has PiP (floating video window). Heck, I rarely use it on the much bigger iPad either. (Split screen)

They think it`s unusable because apple hasn`t told them to like it yet

Ive used the feature on several different Android phones and never really enjoyed it. Its useful when trying to copy info from one screen to the next so you dont need to swap, but otherwise the screen is too small to get much out of it. I dont use it often for that reason.

I tried it and the problem is the half window is so small that reading is uncomfortable, and the keyboard cover the whole bottom

The problem is having two apps in split-view on an iPhone is not good idea, even if it is larger screen like iPhone XS Max/iPhone 11,12,13 Pro Max. Why I am saying?Because the screen is still damn small and the content will show up tiny so iPad is only choice to have this feature

I have it, and never use it. Lol I don`t even see a need for it, for myself. Not saying it isn`t useful for other people.

Everything is either unusable or not needed until iphone have it. Also when iphone had it that is the best version of that feature. These thoughts are according to max iphone users.

They thought 5+ phones were unsusable, until big iPhone. They though 7 - 8 tablets were unusable, until small iPad. They thought no one wanted a stylus, yuck, until Apple Pen. Theres a pattern to them. Nothing matters until Apple invents it.

I feel the same on this topic. Would just like to have PIP available across the board. That would be more useful to me.

Split screen is a must have feature

2 reasons: 1: because this is a mostly hidden feature, most Android users don`t even know about it, let alone use it, making it seem more niche than it is. 2: form factor of most iPhones is still narrower than on larger Android devices... Obviously not all, but most.

We cant read tweets and watch a video at the same time as you do Jason. Youre a miracle. And in our poor phones the keyboard itself takes half of the screen so we cant split the remaining half again. As said its not happening in iPhone because were not like you

I am screening this tweet and I`ll save it till Apple do split screen!

Thats what PiP is for, no?

Apple being as stubborn as they are, just won`t do it. It`s not something that hard as Android has had it for a long long time.

I want split screen on my 11 pro max so bad

I use it for authentication app and signing into another app. Split screen vs switching apps. Copy and paste between apps is a bit faster especially when doing it multiple times. Don`t need to be switching so much the apps

I agree, pro users would definitely appreciate it. Regular users wont even know its there.

I think he just wants to defend Apple for not bringing such a simple and useful feature tbh

I think they wont release it until they have small phones like the SE and the Minis

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