Why would Apple build a native automotive OS? They

October 2, 2022, 2:47 am
Why would Apple build a native automotive OS? They
Why would Apple build a native automotive OS? They already have one that creates a seamless user experience, driven by a device you already have, that you upgrade regularly, and that has a processor that far outpaces automotive ones. Whats the benefit of a native version?

Obviously carmakers will always need software embedded in the car. Why not try to grab a (huge) slice of that pie?

I find it really unlikely that whatever Apple`s platform is, that they would support Android Auto as an option. Cuts out a lot of potential buyers who may look for that.

What gets me is... Android already beat them to it. Stellantis, GM, and more have already started adopting their platform. Why would any of them use Apple`s software?

i think dyson was in a better position tbh it already had a lot of experience with electric motors and batteries at least in a smaller scale. apple is actively trying to remove moving parts from its devices which doesn`t really bode well for a car

cars are like the ultimate branded item they`re sick everyone wants to build a car even dyson

apple is good at hardware but i don`t think its expertise translates well into automobiles, particularly on the manufacturing end. it probably discovered that naturally which is why it was allegedly looking for a partner to help it build its car

they ditched the apple car but completed what they are good at--the software--and now they wanna sell it

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