With Gaia Project in the wild now, 50% of

June 4, 2021, 9:11 pm
With Gaia Project in the wild now, 50% of
With Gaia Project in the wild now, 50% of the current BGG top 10 now have official digital apps. Brass Birmingham will make it 60% very soon! Not too shabby! What`s YOUR most wanted port at this point?

Would settle for outer rim

I want Food Fight made available again. Playdek did a gorgeous port about ten years ago, with a neat new campaign mode, but it`s long since gone from iOS. I have an old iPod touch I never updated past iOS 6 and an iPad still running iOS 10, and Food Fight is one of four apps why.

I have Gloomhaven early access. It is great and all that but I will truly be happy when the campaign mode releases.

Only 6 Weeks until wingspan is great. But my favourite would be tapestry which is much farther away, unfortunately. Out of the top 10 I would like to see rebellion. Doesnt seem realistic though :-(

I`d love to see Great Western Trail though Maracaibo will hopefully be a nice substitute. I`d love to see one of Vital Lacerda`s games adapted. But they`re probably too complex.

It would be nice to have Blood Rage for mobile (ideally both Android and iPadOS). It is currently available only on Steam.

Cannot wait for Concordia. Thats the big one for me.

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