Wondering what phone to upgrade too Do I get

August 22, 2021, 11:48 am
Wondering what phone to upgrade too Do I get
Wondering what phone to upgrade too Do I get another iPhone or do I try something new?

I`ve stuck with Apple for awhile now. 7 to xr to 12 and so far I am impressed with the 12 hoping they up their game for the 13 like they have with the ipad. Not sure I could go back to android. They are good phones though. I`m no fan boy if apple. It`s just what ever u prefer

I went from Apple to Samsung

Personally I find it super difficult to switch to Android after using iPhone Especially if you use other apple stuff Even so, if you like the iPhone stick with it Though the new iPhones should be getting announced soon probably next month with a release of Oct/Nov if trends cont~

I`d wait for the new iPhone 13, the turquoise colour looks banging!

It comes down to what works best for you. Ive used both android and iPhone and personally prefer the iPhone for reliability, ease of use and security. Android is great for customisability and with all the different manufacturers theres a lot of choice for phones and features.

Ewwww iPhone hehe *sticks tongue out* Had Samsung Galaxy`s for a long time, never had any issues. Try something new!!

Something android. Join the dark side.

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