would you give up your android or iPhone for

December 20, 2021, 3:43 pm
would you give up your android or iPhone for
would you give up your android or iPhone for a Tesla phone?

Yes, but Tesla wont make an smartphone, that technology from last century

I hope Im more pragmatic than to be a brand loyalist. Id give up x for x+n.

In a heartbeat

Not if the Tesla phone is powered by a 4680 battery! Otherwise yes

I`d read the reviews before deciding. Need to know price of the phone and service. Will it connect ONLY to Starlink, or can I connect to cell towers instead, and will that be cheaper per month?

I would give it a try

I`d switch to a Tesla phone if Tesla didn`t collect my personal info for advertising/whatever like Google`s Android and if Tesla promised not to scan my phone to police me like police-state-Apple was threatening after promising to respect our privacy.

I`m first on the list

100% yes I love the dude and everything that comes from him

Yes. But is the news abt tesla phone true?

With the greatest of all pleasures.

There is no Tesla phone!

Whats a tesla phone?

Tesla phone is a rumour.

I`m more of an Ease-to-use and features guy (not really brand)...If it was better than my iPhone sure, I`d switch!

Tesla will not be making phones.

Tesla doesn`t make phones

Im hearing the Tesla phone will be able to mine crypto

I give up my Android for 1500 $NGC

First let it be launched i would think !

Need blue text bubbles

No, bcz they don`t exist... and never will. Neuralink, however...

Tesla has the business network to be as big as the iPhone. I can see companies running to be a part of this Project. It would have to be better than the flagship Samsung Note, Google Pixel and iPhone Pro Max and then I`m all in.

Of course how else am I going to post my Ogunquit Beach vacation pics to Instagram from Mars?

if its any good, then yes. not because its a Tesla phone. not a big fan from glorifying names

Hell no. - I have every single text Ive ever sent since 2012. Apple has me for life.

No, I have a Tesla Car

Depends on the software

That`s trillionaire in five years.

If it had a good OS and many apps, and it were easy to migrate to it from iPhone: yes yes yes

absolutely! % give up my samsung S9

Yes of course, but a Tesla phone is fake news. Check Elon`s comments on this.

If well done, absolutely

In a heartbeat


For a satellite phone (at normal phone prices) that costs me no more than a Starlink plan if I get home internet with that as well? Hell yeah! I camp a lot, usually solo, and I use very few apps on my phone now. I`ll use my tablet for authentication purposes instead.

Tesla phone is real?.!

Yes, think Tesla can do linux based phone that run Android apps but be outside/independent of Google eco-system Like what Huawei were forced to do

A lot more than that

I would give up anything for anything better. But after dyor, feedback and a lot of waiting to see the real product in action. Never buy on promises.

Don`t need to give up something that is designed to need replacing every 2 years anyway...

Elon made it clear that Tesla will not make a phone. is the future of communication.

Not likely honestly especially if they used Android

Ofc who wouldn`t

No it would be the same if they could make another OS why not.

.. not sure, kinda like how my iPhone works

Yes, just to support Elon

Tesla Phone isnt a thing and wont be a thing. Doesnt fit the mission.

Only if i can buy it with dogecoin lol

Sorry, but I won`t even give up my Nokia

A phone is only useful when compatible with applications. I still remember my original iPhone didn`t even have the app store. The app store showed up 3 generations into apple mobile products. So my answer is no. Not until their app store is at least 50% the size of androids What would be the difference? If nothing really just different models, maybe I would consider it.

Would it automatically delete my browsing history when I die?

Yes if it has starlink service

If I have to buy a new phone every 2 years Ill try a tesla

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